May 16, 2011

Review: John Frieda 3 Day Straight

A few of you guys were kind enough to compliment me on my hair in this post. I wasn't going to do this review for another few days but I thought I'd share my new secret weapon straight away!
 This product, like so many others, had been on my wish list for a good while but I hadn't really seen it in the shops until I noticed it in Tesco last week. The good thing about buying beauty products in Tesco is that they can quite often be cheaper than in Boots or pharmacies, so it's always worth having a look.

3 Day Straight brands itself as a 'semi-permanent styling spray' that 'creates visibly straighter hair for up to 3 days'. I've been really interested in it since it was released and received great reviews from the likes of Fleur de Force and Gemsmaquillage. My hair is naturally quite wavy, thick and frizzy - to the point where even when I straighten it with GHDs, the effect simply doesn't last more than a day, and definitely not for an entire night out. Now this doesn't hugely bother me as I like the slight wave I get after a while, but frizz is not my friend. 
You really have to follow the instructions when it comes to 3 Day Straight - this is not really a versatile product. If you use too much of it it'll make your hair greasy and weigh it down. But if you use the recommended amount of sprays (between 7 and 15 depending on the length and thickness of your hair) on damp or wet hair, it works perfectly.

After using the product you simply blow-dry and straighten your hair as normal. I didn't notice any major difference when blow-drying my hair, other than that it was a little easier than usual to manage. The real surprise came when I used my GHDs. The shine and texture of my hair was amazing - just as good, if not better than, a salon blow-dry. It was so sleek and smooth, I was amazed!

So did it last? I'm happy to report that it really did, and this is coming from a person whose hair is naturally quite coarse and rebellious. I washed my hair on Saturday evening , styled it using the product and then slept on it. The next day (yesterday) my hair was still perfect. I washed it this morning as 3 full days without a wash would just be too long for me, but I feel that it would definitely last that long so the product really does live up to its claim. I'd totally recommend it to anyone who doesn't have naturally straight hair and is after a perfectly sleek look - 10/10!


D x


  1. Great review! I used way too much first time I used it and it definately did weigh my hair're right you have to follow the instructions.xx

  2. I'm really considering getting this! Great review :)

  3. Yeah you do have to be careful with it! Lauren it is well worth buying at less than €10 x

  4. I've heard about this alright. Only thing for me though is that once I straighten my hair once it more a less stays straight. Would it be of any benefit to me do you think? Shine maybe?


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