May 24, 2011

Review: The Body Shop Mascara & Bronzer

We have a policy of complete honesty on this blog, and if I am to be totally truthful, I really haven't been that interested in The Body Shop for a few years. I do quite like their products but I had never bought them for myself - they were something that I tended to receive as a gift and consequentially I never really went into the shop all that much.

However, after attending the Honey Bronze launch a few weeks back my attitude has really changed. The products have really improved of late and it's well worth having a quick look in your local branch. I'm planning on buying a body butter ASAP, as the one I got free with Marie Claire this month is amazing and nearly gone!

The two products that I'm reviewing here were both given to me for free as part of a gift bag at the event. I'm not sure if I would have purchased either of my own accord, but they have honestly surpassed all of my expectations so I'm delighted that I had the opportunity to try them!

Big & Curvy Waterproof Mascara - plus my newly threaded brows courtesy of Bushra!

First up for review is the Big & Curvy Waterproof Mascara.  I've never been into waterproof mascaras all that much. If I'm on holidays or swimming I would usually just skip mascara as my lashes are pretty dark naturally. Also as a contact lens wearer I don't want anything that will be difficult to remove or irritating to my eyes, and that would be my main problem with this product.

It really is incredibly waterproof - no matter how hard I try to remove this at night, I always wake up with traces of it still visible the next day. However this problem is only proof that the mascara is extremely waterproof and does exactly what it claims - I know that some people will love this. The 'fibre-twist' brush is also great for precise application.

Most of you will want to know how the formula actually performs on the lashes - and my answer would be very well. I definitely like it (see above) but it wouldn't be my favourite mascara. It is very lengthening whereas I am more into volume and thickness. Another gripe (wow. I'm being très fussy today) would be that it leaves my lashes feeling very stiff which I personally can't stand! 

Overall, this is a very good mascara but not really suited to my needs. I will be using it on days when I need something super-long-lasting and also if I manage to get away somewhere sunny (not likely!). However for anyone who is on the look-out for a really good waterproof mascara, I would 100% recommend this. 
Big & Curvy Waterproof Mascara costs €16.50 from The Body Shop.

The second product is the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in the shade Medium Matte. I am absolutely loving this and it has become my new everyday bronzer - as you can see below, it has already been well loved!

It can be quite a hard task for us paler-skinned people to find a decent bronzer that isn't too muddy or orange. This shade really suits a fair complexion and is nicely buildable. There are actually four shades available so I'm sure everyone could find one that they like.  Here's a a fairly light swatch:

I use this to contour every day and have yet to find a better product. It's completely matte which is great for a natural look, and is super easy to blend to a smooth and even finish. The packaging itself is also pretty and very portable with a decent mirror inside. 

According to the Body Shop blurb, the bronzer 'contains Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia, beeswax from Cameroon and marula oil from Namibia.' This is a lovely mix of ingredients which makes the powder more blendable and completely sets it aside from the likes of MAC and NARS. 10/10 from me!

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder costs €20.50 from The Body Shop.

D x


  1. I love the look of that bronzer! It is on the pricey side though :/ x

  2. i agree its been years since i bought anything from the body shop. i have stopped in since they started threading eyebrows though.

  3. Very nice bronzer! I have been really impressed with some of their makeup of late. x

  4. The bronzer sounds great I'll have to check it out!

  5. Thanks ladies! The bronzer really is great xx


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