May 17, 2011

Review and NOTD: Penneys Nail Foils

I got these nail foils a good few weeks back in Penneys and I only got around to trying them this week...shameful! They were €3.50 and also came in a leopard design which I must own!

They are best described as nail 'stickers' rather than 'foils' as that is essentially what they are. Applying them is fairly simple, but it does take a few minutes: you select a sticker that is the right size and apply it, then trim it to the correct length. The pack comes with more than ten stickers which is great for if you make a mistake or lose one or whatever. For extra staying power I blasted mine with a hairdryer after application and then smoothed them out with a cuticle stick. I then applied a clear top coat. They turned out quite nice:

The longevity of these wasn't great - I ended up peeling them off after about a day and a half. They weren't even that worn but the tips were starting to come loose which just annoyed me! However, for only €3.50, I was happy enough and I will be buying these again. They're a lot of fun for anyone that is into their nails and would be really nice for a night out!

D x


  1. Must try these foil/sticker nails..but my nails are sooo crap that nail polish never lasts, so these probably wouldn't either.
    They look wicked!

  2. I didn't even know Penney's had these! Definitely going to pick them up, they're worth a chance and I love the polka dot, it's so cute:) x

  3. Ah yeah they're worth the few euro! X

  4. I think these look super cute :) I have been wanting to try the ones by Sally Hansen, they look adorable :)

    Love Christine ♥


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