May 03, 2011

Haul: Lee Stafford Hair Care

At the moment I'm trying to care for my hair as much as possible. I haven't been to the hairdressers in ages, as I'm trying to grow my locks as long as possible for the summer months. I'm quite pleased with how its going and am aiming to get my hair longer than it has ever been before -which would be over half-way down my back - unless I cave and go in for a trim.

L-R: Matt Fat Powder, Hair Growth Treatment, Argan Oil

First off, how cute is the packaging? I LOVE anything bright pink! I've used a couple of Lee Stafford products here and there in the past (shampoo, conditioner and heat protectant if my memory serves me right) and while I did really like them, I was by no means blown over. I spotted these products on a 3 for 2 deal in Boots yesterday and decided to go for it as I'd heard quite a bit about all three.

First up, the Matt Fat Powder. I've been lusting after this kind of product ever since a friend introduced me to the Osis version back when we were about 18. If you're not familiar with this kind of product, it is basicially a fine powder which you dust onto the roots of your hair and then rub in a little. It adds fantastic volume and also absorbs any excess oil. I love this product but it isn't something for everyday use as it leaves quite a bit of build-up. I'd use it on second-day hair or else for a night out to add a bit of oomph.
I'm really delighted that this kind of powder now is available at a more affordable level - I've heard that TreSemme and V05 have also brought out their own versions as well. The Lee Stafford version is great - I can't see too much of a difference between it and the Osis offering, so thumbs up!

I used the Treatment 'for hair that never grows past a certain length' this morning after washing my hair. I obviously can't attest to it encouraging my hair to grow yet, but it is a lovely product to use which smells gorgeous and sweet. It left my hair really soft and detangled. The product claims to contain 'Pro-Growth™ complex' which 'gives your hair strength from within by fertilising your follicles, creating a healthy environment on your scalp to help hair grow faster and reach its maximum potential length. Its soothing formulation reduces irritation and moisturises the scalp, helping to keep it healthy and improving the volume and feel of your hair'. We'll see about those claims, but I'm loving it so far, my hair is really soft.

My favourtite of the three is the Argan Oil. I've wanted Morroccan Oil for God knows how long, so when I saw this I grabbed it as a cheaper alternative. It is fantastic. I used a few drops of it both before and after drying my hair today and it added a gorgeous shine to my hair. It also smells lovely, and the scent is a lasting one! 10/10.

D x


  1. Love the bright pink packaging. I might give the Argan Oil a go instead of repurchasing the Orofluido Oil that girl took on me when she headed to London. I really feel the difference since I stopped using it.

  2. Love this stuff, I've used the Bleach Blonde treatment before, as well as the shampoo/conditioner, plus their spray wax (amazing stuff) and Hair SPF stuff. All great. How much is the Argan Oil? x

  3. I think it was €14 Sian! X

  4. Deff im gonna try these, need all of them. Would love to try the argan oil and the powder, never tried either. And the mask sounds right up my street x

  5. I ALWAYS see this range in boots and never know whether to pick it up or not!!

  6. does the oil leave a greasy residue? always want to try one of these oils but i'm afraid of grease

  7. @Laura - go for it!

    @PinkSugarMakeup Nope it's not as greasy as I thought it would be! You only need a tiny bit, it's great for dry ends xx

  8. Hey started using the Hair Growth Treatment, i don't think it's great, it says it helps moisturise the scalp but i have found it has made some dry patches worse, how do you find it??

  9. I found it grand I have to say, maybe you reacted to it? I'll be repurchasing it like, sorry to hear it didnt work for you! X


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