May 19, 2011

Clothing Haul: American Apparel, Topshop & River Island

I was shopping with my mother yesterday - who loves reading our posts, so HI MAM (cringe). Anyways we managed to do quite a bit of damage in town so here's what I got!

I'm going to begin this post with a bit of a rant. This is a fairly ironic thing to say considering I bought two items, but oh my God, I HATE American Apparel. Don't get me wrong, some of the clothes are great, but they are, for the most part, ridiculously overpriced. However, my main gripe lies with the shop and their staff. I can't stand the layout of the shop itself (if you've ever been to the Dublin branch, you'll know what I'm talking about). The staff are helpful to a point where it's actually irritating and the way they all kind of have a certain 'look' actually freaks me out. 

I totally understand  the concept of a shop requiring staff to wear its clothes to work, but American Apparel takes it to a whole new level of regulation. If you want to find out more, their dress code manual was actually leaked online last year and you can read it here. Some interviews were also carried out with American employees of the brand, and what they had to say really disgusted me - read them here.

I also completely understand and have experienced what it is like to work in retail, and of course everyone has to earn their money, but some of these girls were just ridiculous. They were just gasping for their commission and simply wouldn't leave us alone! The whole experience was kind of uncomfortable, but I guess you just get used to it, just like shopping at MAC. Having said that I would never go into AA alone, as bringing a friend means that the staff might just keep their distance!

Anyways, the first item I got in AA is a lovely shawl-style cardigan (above) in a reddish maroon colour. It is quite big and long-looking on the hanger, but only came in one size and is actually lovely on.

I also picked up this plain grey hoody - it may look boring but I get so much wear out of these. The fleece on the inside is gorgeous!

I also visited Topshop and picked up this red flannel shirt. I love the slouchiness of this, it's so comfortable and wearable in a load of different ways. I have a few shirts but not a decent flannel one so I'm really happy with this.

Also from Topshop, I got yet another floral dress. I have a mild problem when it comes to clothing of a floral nature, but I just couldn't leave this one behind! I love the cut of it and it definitely an item that I'll be wearing all summer long. It is a little too girlie for me in some ways though, so I'll be teaming it with a leather jacket or biker boots. 

Finally, I got a rather strange item for my standards - a pair of light crepe harem pants from River Island. I really like them but any advice on how to style them would be much appreciated!

D x


  1. thats ridiculous, i hate pushy staff! something about the place puts me off, maybe its ridiculously high prices! they never say anything to me though, I must not look like I have money :P x

  2. Just read the AA things, I'd be scared to go to work! I have heard holister are the same! Asking people would they consider themselves attractive etc! x

  3. Love the harem pants! OH God, re: American Apparel, I guess I would never stand a chance in working there (minimal makeup, bull...t!). I never go in there, I'm just not interested!

    Great post hun! xo

  4. Read through the AA stuff there, that's so horrible, sounds like an awful oppressive work environment:(
    On a lighter note, that floral dress=want! xx

  5. AA are disgusting, their CEO is a known pervert who has had numerous sexual harrassment claims made against him. As much as I love their hoodies, and I desperately want one, I can't justify the price right now, and even if I could I'd fee conflicted adding profit to a company that is so vile. If only someone else had just as good hoodies :(

    Steph x

  6. Wow, I just read this now linked from your lipbalm post. I worked in American Apparel over the summer. They push their staff quite hard to basically harass the customers..staff are given quite high daily targets to meet (if you don't meet them, I assume you get in trouble..) so they really are on quite a tough commission. I absolutely hated it there, constantly bothering people I knew didn't want to be helped.

    I think it's amazing that they've ventured dangerously close to bankrupcy and still don't change their ridiculous prices, not great quality, and staff/sales rules. Even if they offered me my job back with double what I was earning previously, I still wouldn't take it. x

  7. Sian,

    I totally agree, they need to change their policies, but I'm sure they won't due to the 'cult' status of their clothing.

    It must have been horrible working there!

  8. thats funny the girls in AA aren't on commission?


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