April 08, 2011

TAG: What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag just doesn't have the same ring to it as What's in my Purse does it?! Anyways that's what this post is, what I carry around with me on a daily basis!

The bag I use is a cavernous, slouchy grey/silver one from Topshop. It is by the brand Nica and was bought mainly for college use as it is so big. I think it was reduced from about €80 to €28 last summer.

It has one huge main pocket with a zip pocket inside, a really big front pocket with a zip and a long strap so it can be used as either a cross-body bag or a shoulder bag.

Now, on to the contents!

Here's an overview...God it looks like a lot doesn't it! Just shows how big the bag is as most of this was just one layer on the bottom! It wouldn't usually be this full, this is just stuff I brought over to Kev's on Sunday and I haven't used the bag since (I've been a bit of a thesis hermit this past week!). I've separated it into three different piles so you can see things more clearly!

This first pile seems rather coordinated, and I don't even like pink that much! From left to right we have:

  • My purse by Love Moschino (bought in Arnotts last summer)
  • My gym notebook
  • My phone (Nokia E63)
  • My Nintendo DSi (it's mattte black in a white case)
  • A Papermate Mechanical Pencil 
  • My Filofax (it's the Breast Cancer one which I got on sale in Easons for a bargainous €8)
  • My iPod Touch (It's the newest one whatever generation that is. Hopefully soon I'll get an iPhone and just have my phone and iPod as one!)

    This pile seems to be prepared for all weather! From left to right we have:

    • My specs (by Jasper Conran)
    • My sunglasses (by Marc Jacobs- it's usually these or one of my Raybans but I do love ginormous sunnies!)
    • Two sets of keys
    • An umbrella (by Totes- it's kinda broken but, can't bring myself to spend €20 on another)

    Bit more of a beauty pile this one! From left to right we have:

    • A packet of tissues
    • My make-up bag (I've done a post on this before so I didn't want to make the pile anymore humongous by emptying this! You can see the contents here.)
    • Deoderant (by Sure- I'm not fussy about brands just has to be aerosol)
    • A packet of wipes
    • An ickle mirror (from Accessorize...I think)!
    So that's what's in my bag...kind of a lot I realise but...yeah! I tag everyone as I love seeing these videos/posts so the more the merrier!


    S x


    1. You've got some great stuff there, I love those Jasper Conran specs.

      I'm like you, I love having a nosy in other people's bags.

    2. Thanks! I really like them too, makes wearing glasses so much easier when u like them!


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