April 25, 2011

Sinéad's Make-Up Story

I saw this post on Karen's blog yesterday and it instantly got me thinking about my own make-up history.

I can't pinpoint exactly when my love affair with all things beauty began but, I do know that I was always a girlie girl. Even when I thought it was "cool" and "edgy" to be a tomboy, I could never fully commit to the rough and tumble type of childhood, always preferring pretty dresses, playing mammy to my Tiny Tears and styling my Barbie's hair!

I had to pick my sister's brains about my formative make-up years- feel old that I can't remember! I do recall being very tiny and carrying cast-off Clinique lippies and eyeshadow duos of my mam's around with me in my little handbag. I also had a retractable powder brush from Clinique that was only recently disposed of (and which I now wished I had kept for the purpose of this post)! However, past that I had to rely on their younger brains to jog my memory! 

Every year for Christmas for about 3 years straight, Santa would bring me a surprise of a make-up kit from, ahem, Argos. It was pretty much the same as the one pictured here; heart-shaped with loads of swivell-y layers of blush, eyeshadow, powder and little pots of lip balm. It also had little tubes of liquid liner and mascara which my mother duly whipped away! I remember once finding one of the liners in a drawer and putting it on and it burned so badly that I totally shied away from liquid liner up until a few years ago!

My sister Ciara remembered that I always used to do her make-up and she was convinced that I was going to be a brilliant make-up artist someday. Sadly, that didn't come true! She also reminded me of the Claire's Accessories Eyeshadow wheel which had every shade of pink a girl could ever want and of the huge Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer I had which was acquired for a school play and I thought I was so grown-up and fancy with a proper branded product and of the !

From then on I remember well enough myself, Rimmel was my brand of choice and I used to love their lipglosses and eyeshadows. My first soiree into the world of high end make-up came when I was 14 my mother switched from Clinique to MAC and I was so fascinated by the eyeshadow quad she had gotten and, get this, put together herself! 

For my 15th birthday, she took me to get my belly button pierced (was all the rage at the time!) and then to MAC for my first (of many) makeovers. I remember that the girls name was Debbie and I still have the facechart at home! I bought myself a foundation, a 150 brush (which I still have and use), a bronzer which was from some collection and came in a shiny pink casing and Underage lipglass. From then on, I was hooked. 

My MAC collection grew slowly over the first few years after that initial purchase. I got three eyeshadows that same year for Christmas; Bronze, Goldmine and Ricepaper but, it was only when Ciara turned me onto the YouTube beauty community (mainly JuicyStar07) that I really became obsessed with collecting as much of it as I could. I do still have a lot of MAC but, have since branched out into loving and appreciating other brands though MAC still remains an all-round favourite!

So, how did that land me here, with this blog and you wonderful readers?!

I think I may have told Dee about all of these YouTubers I was watching but, that may not be correct. However she ended up finding out about them, their videos became a talking point with us. Soon we began obsessively sharing all our our new make-up buys, discoveries and misadventures with each other. It was Dee, in turn, who introduced me to the beauty blogging world. was the only beauty website I avidly read and, to learn that there were loads more girls and women, some of them Irish, blogging up a storm about make-up and the likes was really inspiring. In November 2010, we finally bit the bullet and set up our own blog, basically taking our lengthy text conversations and Facebook chats about make-up and putting them online publically on the off chance that someone would be interested in what we had to say. 

And here my make-up story is today; from the chubby toddler who clutched at the nubs of Clinique lipsticks to an extremely grateful beauty blogger!


S x


  1. Brilliant post, I'm really loving reading about other people's journey through make up.

  2. Ha I still have my retractable powder brush! Get jealous. X

  3. your sister Ciara sounds really cool....

  4. I still have Tiny tears up in the attic! And shamefully I still have some of those rimmel glosses from back in the day in my makeup drawer, way past their use by date I'm guessing

  5. I loved my Tiny Tears! I wouldn't worry, I only recently disposed of the pink one...stank so bad!!


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