April 06, 2011

Review: Rimmel Glam'Eyes Trios and Quads

Over the past while I have accumulated some of Rimmel's new Glam'Eyes eyeshadow trios and quads from various events.

I have been playing around with them for a little while, trying to get a feel for whether they were as good as the ads make them out to be and I thought it was time to do a bit of a review for you all!

Both the trios and quads are priced at €7.95 and are available from all the usual outlets; Penneys, Boots, Unicare, Magner's Pharmacy, McCauley's etc.

First up is the packaging; a sleek black compact with a clear front and an unobtrusive Rimmel logo. Nice, right? Each compact comes with a sponge tip applicator (Yuck!) and, on the back you'll find picture guides as to where to place the different shades to achieve different looks.

The trio that I have is Orion (621) which is effectively a neutral eye palette. There's a slightly shimmery mid-tone brown, a matte dark brown and a cream coloured highlight shade. This, in the packaging, looks the most appealing to me of the three I have. 
However, payoff isn't spectacular. You really need to use your fingers or, gulp, the sponge tip applicator to get any real pigmentation on the skin as a brush just doesn't cut it. The swatch you see above is with three layers of each shade and, the only decently pigmented one is the matte brown at the top. 

The first quad that I have is Urban Flower (016) and its another neutral palette though, this time, with a springtime-esque pop of lime green. The other colours are a shimmery tan, a shimmery bronze and a shimmery pink-cream. 
Again, I had problems with the pigmentation of this one. All four shades were quite sheer, even when using my finger and building them up. However, the colour combination this quad gives you, one which I myself would never think of, is really lovely especially for spring and summer. When Dee and I were at the Rimmel event last week, MUA Ken Boylan used this quad to create a daytime look on the model and it was really subtle and lovely.

The second quad is Bold Behaviour (014) and it really is just that- bold. The colours are a matte magenta, a slightly shimmery purple-navy, a shimmery turquoise and a shimmery gold. These colours are not at all in my comfort zone but, of the three quads, this is the one I like the most with regards to pigmentation and payoff. 

I really wanted to love these palettes, especially since Ken Boylan said they were just as good if not better than high end eyeshadows. However, I really have to disagree with that statement as they just don't give you the payoff or blendability that higher end shadows do. I tried looks with all three palettes and the colours just mushed together when I tried to blend them. Similarly, fallout is pretty bad with all three palettes as the shimmery shades are quite chalky. I think foiling is the only way to achieve a highly pigmented, not-so-messy look.

However, and it's a big however, I will still be using these palettes but, in conjunction with my other eyeshadows. The shades are lovely, it is just when used together that they don't work for me. I think that these are extremely worthwhile for someone who is just starting out their MU collection and wants a wide variety of shades for a good price. 

Have you tried any of these trios or quads? What do you think? 


S x


  1. I got a couple of these as well at the event and figured Id give them a lash. I haven't used a rimmel eyeshadow in years so thought they might have improved the formulation but was very disappointed.

    The shadows are too crumbly and the colours just mush together to a muddy shade on your eyelids. Wasn't very impressed.

  2. Yep that's precisely my complaint!

    I was trying to do a series of affordable eye looks but the end results were just so terrible and messy that I couldn't bring myself to post them.

    It's such a shame as they look so nice in the packaging!

  3. Yeah they look fab and wouldnt mind having something like that to carry in my bag for touch ups etc.

    There are def better budget eyeshadows out there such as Loreal.

    Its a shame cos Rimmel do decent mascaras etc!

  4. Yep agree. Total let down especially if you take the ads into consideration where the colours are vibrant and bold...even foiling doesn't produce the same effect sadly :(

  5. I was waiting for someone to review these :)Thanks for sharing!

  6. I hear you!

    I swatched the 'Behaviour' one I got in my goodie bag, but I just went 'Naah' and that's about it! Will have to try it eventually, but the pigmentation doesn't impress me much! xo

  7. Yeah it's a real shame and was clearly a total fairytale that they are just as good as high end ones!

  8. 'just as good' *blows raspberries*

  9. I have that Bold Behaviour quad but haven't opened it yet, don't think I'll bother now.

  10. You should just to see for I said the shades are nice but would have to be used with other brands/qualities to get any decent eye look out of em! So if you could get use out of them like that!

  11. Cornflakegirl, try layering them over a cream eyeshadow / paint pot and ya might get somewhere!

  12. Dee-thanks for the tip, I'll definetly try that whenever I get round to using them.


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