April 13, 2011

Review: L'oréal Elvive Re-nutrition Replenishing Masque

I am so boring when it comes to my hair. It's naturally straight, I don't have to use heat on it and I have never dyed it. The most product I use on it it hairspray when I decide to curl it (which, incidentally, is the only time heat meets hair!).

However, I was pottering about in the bathroom the other day and noticed that one of my sisters had bought a hair masque-the L'oréal Elvive Re-nutrition Replenishing Masque. I was intrigued and she kindly let me try it out [Thanks Aisling!] with the stark warning that you only need a tiny bit and DO NOT under any circumstances put it near your roots or else I'd be a greaseball once my hair dried.

As per the instructions, I shampooed my hair and wrung the heavy wet out of it. I applied about a €2 coin-size piece to tips of my hair- from about the ear down. I then let this sit for a few minutes as I washed my face and body, keeping my hair out of the water. I then just rinsed as I would with any conditioner but, mindful of Aisling's advice, gave it an extra few minutes of a soaking  to make sure all the product was gone.

I brushed my hair through (which was easy as it was like silk!) and popped it up in a turban towel to dry. The finished effect is something of a miracle. My hair was extremely shiny, silky and untangled even after being in the turban towel for a few hours. It was quite bouncy as it was but, I would imagine that, if you had the time patience and need to blow dry your hair, you would have had results á la Cheryl Cole in the adverts! I'm not sure of the price point of this as I know Aisling picked it up on sale somewhere but, next time I'm in Boots I will have a gander and update this!

A nice touch is that this also smells lovely. I'm not sure what the notes are and, honestly, even if I did I probably still wouldn't be able to decipher them I'm that crap at scents but, your shower and your hair ends up smelling like a lovely salon and you feel a teeny bit pampered with only 1-2 minutes of work!


S x

P.S. I feel like I should have inserted some cliché, "L'oréal- it's definitely worth it" type line to finish this review so, there it is!


  1. Going to have to try this....! My hair is naturally straight i cheat and get a bodywave but as a result it can be dry as the Sahara at the ends so may give it a go....!

  2. Yep I would say this product would be ideal for you! x

  3. Sounds like it done a great job. I always feel I have to buy "colour treated" hair products. Don't know if it even makes THAT much of a difference though!

  4. Yeah it definitely does what it says on the tin anyways! Yeah I'm always skeptical about products for specific hair types! Like I have used shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair and it's been no different! x


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