April 28, 2011

Review: Eyebrow Threading

At the launch of Honey Bronze last night, The Body Shop had laid on a number of amazing surprises for us invitees, one of which was the opportunity to get your eyebrows threaded. (This service is available in-store at a cost of €12.) This was pretty perfect for me as I was forced to cancel my eyebrow wax earlier in the day as thesis work got in the way!

I was quite apprehensive but, having watched Karen emerge unscathed from the clutches of (I think her name is) Bushra, I hopped into the chair, ready to be groomed. Bushra was really friendly and put me right at ease, complimenting me on my natural brow shape which was nice to hear!

The entire process took about 5 minutes and involved some crazy contortions with a piece of string held between her teeth and wrapped around her fingers which criss-crossed and effectively ripped the hairs from the skin. It sounds a lot more painful than it is, it's more the sound that is unnerving than the pain!

The result is pretty phenomenal. Much cleaner and smoother than even waxing. There was a fair bit of redness afterwards due to my fair skintone but, a trip to the in-house MUA sorted that out right away!

I'll definitely be getting them threaded again and I very am interested to see what the regrowth is like.

I'll keep you informed!


S x


  1. I love eyebrow threading, I've been getting it done for about a year. The woman in The Body Shop in Grafton Street is the best I've been to.

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