April 16, 2011

Review: Essence Nail Polish Remover

The same day I picked up the Johnsons Eye Make-Up Remover which I reviewed yesterday, I also picked up a bottle of Essence Nail Polish Remover. I didn't know that Essence made anything other than the nail polish remover pen so, when I saw this sitting on a shelf in Penneys I decided to give it a whirl. 

I picked up the blue one which moisturises nails, not because I wanted moisturisation but, because it was coconut scented and because it was the cheapest of the three at 90c while the others came in around €1.20 I think.

I'm not sure what accounts for the price difference but, I figured I couldn't go too far wrong and it wouldn't be too much of a loss if it turned out to be awful.

However, awful it was not. First of all, it does have a distinct coconut scent which covers up the acetone smell really well. Secondly, a little goes a long way. I get a full hand out of one cotton pad and some remover which is better than most I have tried.

There is no scrubbing with this, just press the pad to your nail, wait and then swipe it off. The majority of the polish will come with it- even glitter polish!

Finally, and probably most surprisingly and amazingly of all, I feel like this has made my nails grow. I first tweeted about noticing a substantial growth in my craptastic nails a few weeks back and decided to monitor it. The only change and new addition to my nail routine had been this Essence remover and so, I attributed it to that. I kept using the remover and my nails kept growing which was just amazing.

I've since started using OPI Nail Envy as a base coat to try and harness the growth from the remover and, so far, they haven't split or broken and feel quite strong and less bendy. Major brownie points for a 90c product I think?

I'll definitely be stocking up on a few bottles of this next time I am in Penneys!


S x


  1. This is my holy grail polish remover!!! I was only thinking the other day that I must do a review.

    I'm currently using the pink one and I have noticed my nails are stronger :)


  2. the line about it even being good for taking off glitter just sold it to me I think ;)

  3. @The Make Up Fairy Isn't it brilliant? Do you know if Penneys always has it or where is the best place to pick it up?

    @Miss Educator Yep pretty much makes wearing glitter polish as easy as wearing normal.

  4. Oh would love to try! Although my nails already grow really fast, maybe they'd grow a bit stronger? Hope they have them in all penneys!

  5. You had me sold when you tweeted about it making your nails grow. I picked some up in a local chemist but haven't used it yet. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

  6. Saw this in Penneys the other day so it's still available girls! x


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