April 10, 2011

Ramblings: Operation OPI, NOTD, Neon Lips and Work Attire Shopping

I think I am going to do these ramblings posts most Sunday's as they are a good way of posting on anything and everything that may not necessarily warrant a post of its own!

Thursday Morning: Day 1
Last weekend I started Operation Naked, where I would use only my UD Naked palette for the foreseeable future. This week, I started Operation OPI. As you may recall, I ordered some OPI during the week and, while I love everything about this brand, I find it impossible not to chip withing a day or two. So, I started Operation OPI to see how long I could get out of one application (including a base coat of OPI Nail Envy and a top coat of Sally Hansen Mirror Shine).

Things were going well by yesterday, Day 3. I even Twitpic'd showing how happy I was that there were no worrisome chips, just a bit of wear around the tips from typing.

Day 3: Left and Right hands

Day 1: Coney Island Cotton Candy

Needless to say this jinxed it. I bent the nail back on my middle left finger (ouch) and the whole coat of nail varnish just popped right off. Instead of repainting it, I decided to call time of Operation OPI Phase I and embark on Operation OPI Phase II. This leads me nicely onto my NOTD which is OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy. I used OPI Nail Envy as a base once again (grow, nails, grow!) but, had to resort to my Chanel top coat as my Sally Hansen mirror shine has run out. I shall report back next weekend about how Phase II goes.

Neon is really in trend for this spring/summer and when Dee told me that MAC's new Quite Cute collection featured a neon pink lipstick, I knew I had to have it. Dee kindly picked one up for both of us during the week and she'll be doing a proper post on it in the next few days. It's called Candy Yum-Yum and is surprisingly wearable and, if you'll excuse my no make-up/flyaway hair flu face, here's a picture of how it looks with my colouring.

And, the awful close-up lip shot!

Finally, I went shopping today in a local boutique that was having a blitz 75% off sale (i.e. all of this would not have been bought if it was full price!). My mam thought I would pick up a few bits for my upcoming work placement and I did (as well as a sheer blue shirt that's just for general wear!)! I'll be doing some proper office outfit ideas closer the time but, here's what I picked up!

Tailored Patrick Gérard blazer

Black suede Twin-Set Ballet Pumps

Black Dolce & Gabanna skirt

Sheer blue Equipment shirt

Hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather, can't believe it's 20C here today!


S x


  1. I love that MAC lippie, it looks great on you.

    I'm really liking that tailored blazer, it's fab.

  2. Thanks! I was worried it wouldn't suit my colouring but, I really like it! Very unique!

    The blazer is gorgeous! Will defo wear it after the work placement as well!

  3. Love the lipstick! I have the same colouring (except I'm frecklier)as you and thought I wouldn't get away with it but if you can sure I'll give it a shot. Well done on getting 3 days out of a nail polish, I'm, a disaster and 3 hours is the usual before I get a chip

  4. Thanks a million! I was surprised how much I liked it and how it even managed to brighten up my sickly face! Ha thanks, was hoping for a week but I suppose 3 days is still good! x

  5. Love the D&G skirt and the lippy. Did you dye your hair, or is it just the light in the photo??xx

  6. Thanks Simone! Nope have never dyed it so must just be the light! xx

  7. I also love OPI but i have found that they really really work best when you use the opi base coat & TOP COAT. I've tried sally hansen as a base coat - the polish just peeled off like a sticker, tried it a couple of times with different ones, same result. I've also tried Seche Vite as a top coat but i found that it "shrinks" OPI polishes, after a few hours it looks like i had the polish on for at least a week! Hope this helps
    Oh, PS : the creme shades stay on for about a week on me with minimum wear on the tips, no chips whatsoever with this regime :)

  8. Thanks! Really must invest in the top coat with my next order! Sinead x


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