April 20, 2011

Operation OPI Update

So, as you may know, there were two failed attempts at Operation OPI (here and here) i.e. trying to make my OPI nail varnish last 7 days on my nails. However, intent on getting my money's worth from my favourite nail varnish brand, I refused to give up and purchased an OPI topcoat and a bottle of Drip Dry in an attempt to make the manicure last a whole week.

Day 1

How did I fare? Read on to see!

Day 3

The manicure was faring quite well by Day 3. There were no chips or obvious tip wear, only a few surface scratches.

Day 5

By Day 5, there was some minor tip wear from typing. There was no peeling or lifting.

Day 7
Day 6 saw the first of the lifting occur and I hold my hands up and admit that yes, I absentmindedly picked two nails before I realised what I was doing. Other than my own self-induced destruction, nothing too terrible had happened by Day 7. Minor tip wear on both hands and a substantial chip off my left thumb but, had I not picked, this manicure would have survived another three or so days before needing to be removed.

Pretty impressive no?!

Products Used:

Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy
Colour: OPI Russian Navy (2 coats)
Top Coat: OPI Top Coat
Drying Drops: OPI Drip Dry


S x


  1. I love when a nail varnish lasts! I usually don't get to find out as I keep changing colour! Gorgeous colour you used too:)

  2. so i guess operation OPI was a success? x

  3. I use Stickey as my base, add another layer in between the two coats of colour & finish with Seche Vite. This always gives me 6 days minimum on a home mani, whether it be Essie or OPI. I had a salon mani on Sunday with Illamasqua & it chipped badly less than 48 hours in (they're redoing it FOC on Friday)

  4. @Andrea Yep pretty much despite my unhelpful picking!

    @Babaduck That sounds pretty good! I'm kind of wary of Seche Vite because of the chemicals being linked to birth defects though... :/ That's pretty shoddy with the Illamasqua but glad you're getting it re-done!

  5. Oh I love that colour and despite your picking it lasted amazingly well, hehe.

    Babaduck-that's terrible re yout mani not lasting but great that the salon are redoing it FOC.

  6. :D @cornflakegirl I know it's an awful habit! was totally distracted and then suddenly two nails were gone!!


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