April 26, 2011

DUPE: MAC Russian Red and GOSH Kiss

MAC Russian Red and GOSH Kiss
You can't beat a good red lip. It's timeless and, if you find the right red, it suits everyone. I recently got matched for a suitable red lipstick for my skin tone and colouring in MAC and the result was that Russian Red was best. I love this colour as it is a true red if perhaps, slightly darkened.

I was shopping my stash the other day and came across my GOSH Cosmetics Soft n' Shine Lip Balm in Kiss and instantly wondered would it be a good dupe for Russian Red.

In the tube, Russian Red looks to be a smidge darker. However, upon swatching you can see that they are actually very closely related. Kiss has maybe got a tiny but more of a blue undertone but, other than that it could definitely be considered an affordable dupe for Russian Red, coming it at around €8 instead of €18. Another positive for Kiss is that it is, in fact, a lip balm as opposed to Russian Red which is a matte lipstick and thus, very drying.

Flash: Russian Red (Bottom) Kiss (Top)

Natural Light: Russian Red (Left) Kiss (Right)

S x


  1. Ooohhh. I wanted Russian Red but it was WAY too drying. I may have to pick up Kiss! Thanks a million for this dupe. :) xx

  2. No problem! Kiss is gorgeous on and so nourishing as its a balm so it would be ideal for you! x

  3. Oh, nice one! Must have a look at this next time I'm in the chemists, just what I would need...another red lippie! Aw, well :)!


  4. Heehee but, in fairness, it is actually a lip balm so totally different ;)

  5. That's some justifying right there Sinead. :D

  6. Teehee I know, I'm such an enabler!

  7. Ah well if it's a lip balm really it's an essential, suddenly my lips are feeling dry. Hopefully this will suit me too, my colouring is pretty similar to yours

  8. I would imagine it will! Enjoy! x

  9. Happy days i wear russian red too but nice to know there is a cheaper alternative out there thanks Dee.


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