April 27, 2011

Dee's Nail Polish Collection

Oh God. I am ashamed. This is a filthy habit and I have to stop...

Who am I kidding, I love every single one of these babies! I have about 80 or 90 I

I'm going to start off with OPI because they're my favourite brand. My love affair with OPI began last summer when I was working near a chemist in town that stocked them. That plus a regular income resulted in this collection!


L-R: What's With The Cattitude, Ogre-the-Top Blue, Yodel Me on My Cell, OPI Ink, We'll Always Have Paris.

L-R: Pamplona Purple, Panda-monium Pink, Sweetheart, Coney Island Cotton Candy, Glitzerland.
Next up are my Models Own polishes, which I display on the shelf beside my bed simply because I love the bottles. These are also a favourite brand of mine, they wear really well!
L-R: Purple Mystique, Pink Fizz, Juicy Jules, Lili's Pink, Mystic Mauve, Champagne, Purple Ash, Nude Beige, Jade Stone, Beth's Blue, Pastel Pink and Pink Punch.

This is a box from Dunnes that I keep a lot of my polishes in, I love it :)

 Here are my Barry Ms! These have to be the most affordable yet high-quality polishes on the market. Run out and get one if you haven't already!

From top: Berry Ice Cream, Turquoise, Bright Pink, Special Edition, Raspberry, Crackle, Bright Green, Coral and Navy.
 Here are my GOSH polishes, I need more of these!

L-R: Blue Monday, Holographic, Magic Star, Flamingo, Wild Lilac.
 And now for Catrice, I didn't even realise I had 6 of these, I guess it's because they're so cheap!
L-R: From Dusk to Dawn, Clay-ton,My Hero, Up In the Air, I Scream Peach,  Big Spender Wanted,  Let's Mauve On
 Base and top coats...

Sally Hansen Double Duty, No More Breaks and Mega Shine, Revlon Top & Base Coats.
 The final two photos make up the random-ish section of my collection. There's a bit of everything here, including Revlon, Essence, Ciaté, 17, H& get the idea! If you want to know more about any of these polishes then just let me know!

D x


  1. I love nail polish. It's such an easy way to add a statement to your look. I love the Models Own Pink and barry M Coral. But you're right, OPI is a great polish brand!

  2. These pictures make me feel so much better about my collection and sick addiction ha! xxx

  3. Brilliant, I love seeing what other people have in their stash.

  4. Oh I am really jealous of your Models Own polishes do you mind me asking where you get them because I have searched high and low and nowhere near me does them

  5. Hiya Rachel, I get them in Boots in the Jervis Centre in Dublin and also in River Island on Henry St beside the till! Hope that helps xx

  6. Amazing collection :) I have too any myself but i love nail polishes so i wont probably stop collecting them :)

    Love Christine ♥


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