April 22, 2011

The Body Shop Body Butter Duo

I don't think that there is anyone, who is remotely beauty-minded, who doesn't know about (and covet) The Body Shop Body Butters. Apparently there is one sold every three seconds and, honestly, I don't doubt it. I have been a huge fan of the product for ages, the Coconut one in particular, and 100% accredit it with getting rid of my not-so-affectionately-named "chicken skin" on my upper arms.

Now, the cult beauty product has undergone an evolution and, alongside the traditional body butters we all know and love, there is now the Body Butter Duo. Hailed as a "one-pot wonder" the Duo boasts two levels of moisturisation, side-by-side in the same tub. There is then traditional butter for all-over moisturisation of normal skin and a more solid butter for super intensive moisturisation of extremely dry skin.

The lovely people at The Body Shop Ireland sent over one of the new Duos for me to test drive and I thought I would report back to you all with my thoughts!

The scent I got is Floral Acai. It has a very light floral base with a more prominent scent of fruit of the forest. It actually quite reminds me of a Petit Filous flavour I used to eat when I was small which I love!

I have been using the normal body butter all over my skin and then concentrating the intensive moisturiser on areas like my elbows and knees. It even took care of a nasty carpet burn I got on my elbow when training in the gym! However, I also decided to take the "intensive mositurising" claim one step further and try the solid butter on the patches of eczema I have on my legs.

While I don't really suffer with eczema in the itchy/red/raw sense of the affliction anymore, the patches where it used to be are a different texture to the rest of my skin and constantly dry and zapped of moisture, especially after showering. Using the solid butter on these areas, I saw an instant improvement. The gross flaky/scaly appearance had been significantly reduced and, after applying it this way for three days, there was no obvious demarcation between the patches and my "normal" skin anymore. Chuffed!

So, how does this revolutionary new product compare to its well-loved and bestselling ancestors? The normal body butter side is just as good; extremely moisturising, non-greasy and quick-drying. However, the addition of a second, higher intensity of moisturisation takes the Body Butter Duo to a different level in that your whole body and all skin-types are catered for. I would, though, echo the question that was put forward in's review of whether the normal body butter would run out a lot more quickly than its solid counterpart?

Other than that one quibble though, it's two thumbs up from me for this new addition to The Body Shop Body Butter line!

The Body Butter Duos are a permanent addition to the line and will be available from the 5th May, costing €17.95 for 200ml (192g). There are four scents to choose from; Floral Acai, Vanilla, Macadamia and Sweet Pea. I really want to try the Macadamia one when the Floral Acai runs out!


  1. I'm intrigued by these but reckon the normal body butter would get used upway quicker than the thicker balm like side.

  2. I have my eye on the sweet pea one :)

  3. Would you believe I have never smelled anything sweet pea before! Defo go for it really good stuff!

  4. YESSS I love Body Shop body butters.. I may own way tooo many! Yes to Carrots body butter is also pretty darn good :P

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