April 26, 2011

5 of the Best MAC Eyeshadows

If you've been reading the blog for awhile, you'll be aware that I am an absolute sucker when it comes to MAC eyeshadows. I love them so much for their variety of textures, colours and formulas as well as their awesome pigmentation. You can see an overview of my MAC palettes here, which have been added to since that post but, it'll give you an idea!

It was nearly impossible for me to pick just 5 must haves but, I think I whittled it down to the ones I could create multiple looks with. Hopefully this will help some of you who want to expand your collection or, are just starting to get into MAC or make-up!

My first choice is Mylar- a gorgeous creamy-white shade with micro shimmer. It's my all-time favourite brow and inner corner highlight and also makes for a gorgeous sheen when used all over the lid in a neutral look.

Cork is a muted golden brown. It is actually a lot paler than in this picture but, that's MAC swatches for you! This is a brilliant colour for most brows as it can be built up intensity-wise to suit both very pale and very dark hair but, is also my favourite transitional colour for the crease.

Woodwinked is like the Chanel Particuliére of MAC eyeshadows- totally coveted and famous. It's an antiqued gold-brown-bronze which is amazing on everyone. It's a gorgeous lid and crease colour and has the most amazing pigmentation as it is a Veluxe Pearl finish.

A boring old matte black eyeshadow? Nah. Carbon is the black eyeshadow of black eyeshadows. Insanely pigmented, great application and multi-purpose. This can be used as liner, to set liner and as both a crease and outer V shade depending on how heavy the hand you use to apply it. You can create an entire smokey eye look just using this shadow if you change brushes, blending and heaviness.

My final must-have is an insane colour shadow of your choice, something you wouldn't wear everyday but, when you do, it's totally dramatic. I would recommend something that would typically compliment your colouring, especially your eye colour but, the choice is yours. This is Deep Truth a bright deep blue with amazing shimmer. If I don't want to do a whole eye with a bright shadow, I will often use them to line my lower lashes.

What are your must-have MAC eyeshadows?


S x

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  1. You definitely do! Such an amazing colour!

  2. I NEED them all as I don't own any MAC at all. *shame on me, I know*

  3. :O I'm actually a little shocked haha! Well, if you were to get some, I would probably just ditch the coloured one and get the other four put into a quad! Such good starting colours!


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