March 13, 2011

Viva Health: Tips for Dining Out

I've been slacking on the Viva Health posts for awhile now, sorry! I've been up to my eyes with various things so I was only able focus on make-up related beauty blogging! Thankfully things have calmed down now so I'm back on it! With my birthday coming up on Friday, I have a whole weekend of various meals out to look forward to. Eating out is definitely one of my favourite things to do but, it can be a daunting and perplexing task when you're trying to watch your food intake. But, fear not, I have a few easy peasy tips and tricks to make dining out as healthy as possible without making it any less enjoyable!

As we discussed in an earlier post, reducing the number of complex carbs (pasta, bread, rice etc) you take in and increasing the amount of protein can go a long way towards both maintaining and losing weight. This is also the primary rule when it comes to eating out. Simply put, order a burger and ditch the bun or order a wrap instead of a sandwich!

With the world becoming increasingly health conscious, a lot of restaurants are more open to altering orders to suit your needs or providing alternative options. One such restaurant that springs to mind as I have just eaten her recently is the famous The Counter- home to the best burgers in the world! You can custom build your burgers and have the option to substitute the bun for a bowl with salad greens in it. Both ways are yummy but, if for no other reason, losing the bun means you aren't filled up as quickly and you get to enjoy more of your meal.

Similarly, if you are like me and LOVE chips and usually order them as a side to everything, try cutting them out. Replace with a side salad, mixed vegetables or, if you are in desperate need of a carb fix, boiled baby potatoes (No deep fat frying!).

Another easy way to help with eating out dilemmas is to pick either a starter or a desert. Don't deprive yourself just reduce the number of calories you are taking in for the entire meal.

I always order sparkling water with a meal instead of a soft drink or alcohol. I don't particularly like alcohol so that takes care of that side and sparkling water makes me feel as though I have a fizzy drink but without the calories or nasty additives and preservatives. Still water is obviously fine too as I know a lot of people don't like sparkling!

Finally, a little bit of an obscure trick that can be used to (healthily) curb your appetite and stifle cravings; apple cider vinegar. Heidi Klum swears by this natural remedy of mixing 1-2 table spoons of the vinegar in a glass of water and knocking it back before a meal. I have tried it and she is not wrong, it does indeed make you feel fuller and thus eliminate the risk of eyes-bigger-than-tummy syndrome i.e. overeating. It tastes rank, there is no doubt about it but, if it works and it's natural and healthy, I'm all for it!

That's really it. As you can see, it is quite simple. Just remember to reduce, eliminate or substitute and you are free to try as many restaurants as you please!

I hope everyone is getting on well with whatever they are trying to achieve and that this post helps you enjoy eating out without falling off the wagon and undoing all your hard work!


S x

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