March 09, 2011

Review: Wow! Brown DIY Tan

You may or may not have heard of this brand. I was in the dark about it but, when we received a bottle of it in our goody bags from the screening, everyone else seemed to know about it. They also seemed very excited which, in turn got me excited even though I really am not a fake tan junkie at all!

A bit of research informed me that Wow! Brown is an Irish tan brand that was developed by former beauticians Fran and Don specifically with Irish skin tones in mind (Sinéad's translation: pasty and pale!). Apparently it has a big celebrity following which is always nice!

The shade I got was Medium-Dark which, initially scared the crap out of me as I am your run-of-the-mill pale Irish chick! Like, I'm NC15 in MAC for goodness sake! So, expecting the worst (i.e. a horrific orange glow!), I slapped on some gloves I applied it to my stomach on Monday night so at least I could cover it up if the worst came true.

To cut a long story short, nothing terrible happened. I woke up on Tuesday and totally forgot I had applied the tan as there was no smell or no sticky residue. It was only when I was getting dressed and I caught sight of my, wait for it...nicely browned midsection in the mirror, that I remembered. I was surprised as I really did expect to be tangoed or, at the very least, have a jaundiced appearance which tends to happen on pale skin when tans are too yellow based/dark. There was absolutely no streaking or caking of the product and it just gave a really lovely finish.

So, what are the pros, cons and claims of this product?

Well, firstly, it claims;

  • to have an instant colour guide (and it surely does, the tan is a chocolate brown liquid)
  • to be streak-free (100% true)
  • to be fast-drying (Relatively so. I find that the Fake Bake mousse is faster but, that's just me picking holes!)
  • to last up to 10 days (Well, I'm on Day 2/3 now and I'm still brown!)
  • to have a boyfriend-friendly scent (Definitely true. Absolutely no smell at all once it dries in!)
So, it clearly doesn't make any false claims.

All of the above claims are definitely pros in my book. As someone who hates and rarely wears fake tan, having it made this easy could definitely make me a convert! Another obvious pro in my case is that, even though the shade should have been too dark on me, it meshed well with my skin tone and gave a bronzed but natural glow to my skin.

As for cons, I can only think of one and that is that one key instruction is left out on both the bottle and the packaging, and that is to shower in the morning (or at least 8 hours later). I am used to doing this with Fake Bake and St Tropez because you wake up in the morning looking streaky and cakey and, well, all I want to do is hop in the shower and feel clean again. 

Instructions on box

Someone on Twitter told me that I should shower but, because it wasn't in the instructions, I hesitated to do so. Then, my forgetting that I had it on on Tuesday morning meant I didn't have time to shower anyways so I just left it till that night. I suppose there is a pro within a con here as the lack of streaks, cakiness and smell meant I could get away with no shower.

I checked the website on Tuesday night and saw that showering was included in the product instructions there. It is a tad misleading not to include it on the actual product as there could definitely be some transference onto clothes etc if not showered off (luckily I was wearing black!). 

Other than that though, I am behind this brand 100% and, that it is fully Irish makes it all the better. It is €22 for 250ml which is a bit pricey but, if you're like me and don't wear tan on a daily basis, I definitely think it is worth investing in a bottle. 


S x 


  1. Great review! I was scared to try my bottle when I saw it was medium to dark but looking forward to trying it now :)

  2. Thanks Karen! Just use it sparingly and you'll be grand! x

  3. Told you it was brilliant! And to shower ;-) haha

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  5. Hey ,
    Donna here the creator of Wow Brown.
    Thanks so much for such a lovely review ,reading reviews like this makes all our hard work pay off.
    Sorry about the lack of instruction on the box on the time frame to shower .We realised after 50,000 boxes had been printed ,major FAIL!
    The next print batch will be fixed,pinkie promise .
    Stay cool
    Don xxxx

  6. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for the comment, really glad you liked the review!
    Not to worry about the instructions it all worked out in the end...
    I have become a bit of a false tan convert since trying Wow! Brown :)


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