March 21, 2011

Ombré Nails Tutorial

Been promising this post for a while now...a small warning, if you're not into ridiculously tacky nails then this will not interest you! 

This look was inspired by a tutorial uploaded some time ago on YouTube by MissGlamorazzi which you can watch here. Basically what I do is the same, except I don't use a sponge.


You don't need to use the exact same polishes as I did, but just for reference I used Sally Hansen No More Breaks as a base coat, followed by OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy, OPI Heart Throb, Barry M Bright Pink and GOSH Magic Star. 

Make sure the colours are close enough together for them to 'blend' well. The formulation of the polishes that you choose to use is also important. This part is hard to explain but they should be on the right side of 'soft' if that makes any sense! Barry M and a lot of OPI are like this. For example, I don't think this would work quite as well if I used all Models Own polishes because they are quite thin in consistency and dry very hard.

1. After applying a good base coat, start off with a thin coat of your lightest polish. If you can, manipulate the majority of the colour towards the bottom of the nail as this is the only place it will be visible.

2. Next, take your second shade and apply it starting a little further up along the nail. Repeat with another coat a tiny bit further up to increase the gradient effect. You should end up with something a little like the above picture.

3. Now take your brightest shade and apply it to the tips of the nails. This doesn't have to be perfect but try and 'blend' the colour as much as possible using small, quick strokes.

4. Now go back to using your original lightest shade in order to blend the colours further. Just apply a quick, fairly thin coat and any obvious brush strokes should disappear.

5. Finally, if you want a bit of extra bling you can apply a glittery top coat. Of course you could do this using any kind of colour - I've done a lilac version before and it was equally fab. Et voilà! 

D x


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