March 11, 2011

MAC Price List (Ireland)

Whenever someone asks me how much something in MAC costs I have one answer, "Expensive." Only recently have they started putting price lists on their counters but, there is still no MAC ROI price list online so, if you want to plan what you're getting and keep to a budget, it is very difficult to do without knowing what costs what.

Over the last number of years, I have been saving my receipts from all my MAC purchases so that, when I want to buy something, I can check the price at home and (a) make sure I have enough money and (b) not bring too much money that I end up impulse buying. Of course, being the dope I am, I lost all but three of the receipts and only found them today so, after receiving good feedback on  Twitter, I thought I would compile a price list for us all to work off of!

I don't have prices for everything, obviously, but, over time I will try to get them and add to this list and, if any of you know of a price for sure, leave a comment and I will add it in! Similarly, if you have any updated prices/corrections, let me know and I will edit them. For reference, I have rounded many of the prices up as, there were some discrepancies between various receipts as to the price of some items so, I figured it was better to be a couple of cents over than under!

Eyeshadow (Pot): €15.00
Eyeshadow (Pro Palette Refill Pan): €11.50
Pigment: €24.50
Mascara (Opulash): €16.50
Mascara (Plushlash): €16.50
Paint Pot: €19.00
Fluidline: €17.50
Technakohl Liner: €18.00
False Eyelashes: €12.00

Lipstick: €17.50
Lipglass: €17.00
Dazzleglass Creme: €20.00
Dazzleglass: €20.00
Superglass: €20.00
Lip Pencil: €15.00

Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF 50: €29.00
Prep+Prime Skin: €26.00
Foundation (Studio Tech): €35.00
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural: €26.50

Powder Blush: €21.50
Mineralize Skinfinish: €28.00
Mineralize Blush: €23.00
Blushcreme: €21.50 [I presume the new and reworked Cremeblend Blush will be a similar price!]
Cream Colour Base: €19.00

226 Small Tapered Brush: €27.50 [Was Limited Ed but may still be available!]
209 Eye Liner Brush: €17.50
182 Buffer Brush: €50.00
187 Duo Fibre Brush: €43.50

Pro Palette x15: €16.50
Pro Palette x4: €7.50
Brush Cleanser: €12.00
Foundation Pump: €4.00


  1. Ok I couldn't find any receipts but on a piece of paper in my brushes I know in 2006 when I bought my 187 brush it was €43.50 and I think plushlash mascara is around €16.50 as well!

  2. Brilliant! That sounds about right for both of them! I have them both but no receipts so I'll stick em in and if anyone corrects us, I'll change it!

  3. Thankyou,I've been looking for a price list for ages! :)

  4. I bought a mineralize blush in gentle and it was €23.00, oh and a foundation pump for €4.00
    Thanks a lot for the price list, it's very helpful!

  5. Thanks a million Andrea! I'll update the list now! x

  6. Cream Colour Base - € 19.00
    I was looking for Virgin Isle used by Samantha @ Pixiwoo in the last tutorial but of course it was LE. :(
    Not to worry, i'll soon find another mac obsession! :) x

  7. Thanks Andrea! Yeah Virgin Isle looks gorrrgeous! Pity it's LE :( x

  8. Sinead, this is a bit off-topic but i was wondering if you could advise me on sth.
    I wanted to get one of the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural for a while as everyone seems to rave about it and you said it's HG material, but i've read on so many blogs that it makes people break out... What do you think?
    I have normal-ish skin, a tad dry at the moment, prone to blemishes and of course it's sensitive too. A huge mix right? I get on just fine with the mineralize blushes and their regular blushes but i'm just really really afraid as the last breakout from a foundation took over 3 months to clear ( thanks a lot colourstay ) and it was the worst thing ever.
    So... long comment i know but any thoughts? Thanks a lot

  9. My skin is normal too and relatively sensitive. I have two younger sisters, one with normal skin prone to blemishes and one with combination skin prone to blemishes. Both of them use it as well and none of us have ever had any breakouts from it.

    I have heard of a lot of people having awful breakouts from the MSFs and the mineralize blushes but, if you don't react to them I would say that you will be fine with MSFN. I have never reacted to any MAC product, despite my sensitive skin and, you seem to be the same way so, again, I would say you'd find it great!

    It's a very light powder which will be excellent for any dryness you have as it won't obviously cake or cling to the patches. I honestly can't recommend it enough.

    Hope that helped some? Any other questions just ask! x

  10. Sinead thanks a lot for all the lovely info provided! I'll let you know how i get on. Ta x

  11. Hi Sinead! i said i will let you know how i get on with the MSFN. i'm using it for exactly one month today and i looooove it! i don't know how i lived without it for so long, so i have to say a major thanks for your advice!!! kisses and hugs

  12. Hey thank you for posting this,it was extremely helpful for my firt visit to mac!

    At my first visit the makeup artist there gave me a price list book on Mac's face and face brushes .... so i thought it would be helpful to share (:

    Foundations/Tinted moisturizers :
    mac studio sculpt spf 15 : 35.50
    studio fix powder plus foundation : 31.00
    studio fix fluid spf 15 foundation :31.00
    studio moisture tint spf 15 : 29.00
    elect spf 15 foundation : 29.00
    mineralize satin finish spf 15 foundation : 31.00
    mineralize spf 15 foundation looe : 35.50
    mineralize foundation spf 15 : 36.00
    pro-long wear spf 10 foundation : 36.00
    face & body foundation : 36.00

    Primers :
    strobe cream :31.00
    strobe liquid : 31.00
    prep+prime transparent finishing powder : 24.50

    Concealer :
    pro longwear concealer : 17.50
    select moisturecover : 18.00
    studio finish concealer spf 35 : 17.50
    studio sculpt concealer : 18.00
    select cover up : 17.50

    powder :
    select sheer/pressed : 24.50
    select sheer/loose : 24.50
    blot powder/pressed : 24.50

    face brushes :
    190 foundation brush : 40.00
    191 square foundation brush : 40.00
    130 short duo fibre : 44.00
    188 small duo fibre : 40.00
    194 concealer brush : 24.50
    195 concealer brush : 24.50
    150 large powder : 49.00
    168 large angled contour : 35.00
    129 powder/blush : 40.00

    * some products have been left out as you have already posted them!


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  14. anyone know fix plus and lip gelee??

  15. how much is the fix+ ?


  16. Just bought Fix + today its €16.50 for 100mls which is not that bad and you can use it as back to mac when your finished!

  17. Where in Ireland can you buy MAC products guys?

    1. Limerick & Galway's Brown Thomas stores as well :)

  18. In dublin, in BT2 in Dundrum and on Grafton st :) and i think there is one in cork city as well? not sure though!

  19. BT in Cork on Patricks Street :).

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  21. how much is a paint like bare again i dont want a paintpot ? :)

  22. Lipsticks are now up to 19 euro :(
    In the Galway BT anyways.


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