March 27, 2011

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere...

It is no secret that both Dee and I adore tacky, glitter-infested nails. There is no rhyme or reason to our obsession it just is what it is. I, personally, find it impossible to pass by a glitter nail polish without purchasing it and, I have come to learn that what looks amazing in the bottle, doesn't always look great on the nail. Similarly, price has very little to do with how good or bad a glitter nail polish is. Here is a run-down of glitter polishes by four different brands and at four different price points.

L-R: OPI, Models Own, GOSH, Barry M (3 coats of each)

First up we have OPI Bring on the Bling from their not-so-long ago Burlesque collection. Now, OPI retails in Ireland for a whopping €12-€15 per bottle so, this is definitely one of the higher end glitters that I own. However, I didn't pay upper end a high-end price for it. You might remember that I picked up this polish as well as one other polish and a little toilet in Dublin Airport on my way to London for a nifty €21. Bargain (kinda)!

It looks lovely in the bottle, a mix of gold, silver, red and green glitter and, as an accent nail or over a dark colour, it's lovely. But, it makes your nails look dirty when worn alone or over a pale polish and, the consistency is baddd. It's almost like a gel that does not want to spread and recedes back from the tip of the nail, leaving you with a blank line across the top. Fail, fail, FAIL! Thankfully, I did not pay full price for this ditty or I may have had to boycott OPI and that would be a cryin' shame!

Next we have Models Own Juicy Jules- a silver, holographic glitter. This is a middle-of-the-road glitter in terms of price, about €8 from Boots, but, it falls victim to the same lack of quality that Bring on the Bling does. I should first mention that I LOVE this polish and went to 3 different Boots tin my quest to get it.

However, its consistency is a let-down. It too is a gel-ish formula which is hard to manipulate and spread and I find that you can only use a tiny amount of product at a time to get an even coating which makes even one nail take longer than it should to paint. It also smells insanely strong. I know nail polish in general stinks but, this particular Models Own one is just so incredibly potent. That being said, I can cope with both the consistency and the stank due to the more favourable price point and the fact that I love how glittery it is.

GOSH Cosmetics is one of those frequently forgotten about brands- probably because not everywhere carries it. I personally love their lip products and their nail polishes, of which they have many, many, many colours, finishes and types. One particular GOSH polish that I love and use a lot is Magic Star.

This is a pastel-coloured micro glitter which is suspended in a clear polish (You can see it in this recent NOTD). Despite being a glitter, it applies smoothly and evenly, giving a good dispersal of the glitter. A little goes a long way and, because it is clear, you can use it as a finishing touch as opposed to a defining aspect of your nail look (if there is such a thing...).

I have also swatched a few of the other GOSH glitters and they all have the same easy, no-fuss application which is much appreciated. These retail for €8.50 but, almost all are half price at the moment!

Finally, we have Barry M Nail Paint in Hologram. This nail polish is such a shambles I was hesitant to even include in here but, it really represents rock-bottom of the glitter scale and so, I deemed it appropriate! I also wanted to warn you against it.

I looks unique in the bottle- a clear polish with big, hexagon-shaped holographic pieces. I would be amazing as an accent nail if it came out true-to-appearance. But, alas, it doesn't. It is a gloopy, unspreadable mess. You might get four pieces of glitter on the brush (see picture below) which will just clump together, giving you no control where they go or how they're dispersed. I even Googled around to see how the hell to work with it and everyone else had the same problem.

It's a shame because Nail Paints are amazing at around €4.50 a go and never let me down but, this was an epic fail.

The moral of the story seems to be that, in terms of glitter, middle-of-the-road is the way to go. Expensive brands like OPI should not have such a treacherous application but, you can deal with working with a similar application when you're only paying €8 á la the Models Own offerings. However, the outright winner seems to be GOSH with an uncompromised application, nice finish and happy price-tag. 


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