March 21, 2011

Birthday Part 2&3: FOTDs, OOTDs, Dinner, Lunch and More Cake!

Cake #2: Chocolate sponge with chocolate fudge
I posted on Saturday about Part 1 of my 21st birthday celebrations i.e. what I did, wore and bought so, I thought I would continue and post the remainder of my weekend! A forewarning, the OOTD pics aren't brilliant as there was no one around to help me take them but, hopefully you'll still get the gist! If anyone has any recommendations for taking OOTD pics of yourself, please let us know!

On Saturday I went out for dinner with my dad, sisters and boyfriend. We went to my favourite restaurant, Hin Keng, and had a great time- especially as Ireland had just kicked England's ass in the rugby! They probably do the world's best Chinese food so, if you are in the Clontarf/North Dublin area, definitely check it out.

Not a great picture of my make-up for the night as the artificial light melded the eyeshadow colours together but, it was effectively a light grey-brown smokey eye using the colours from my makeover the day before in different ways (I would never and could never try to recreate what the MAC artist did on me!). 

Face: NARS Sheer Glow, Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and MAC Blush in Sunbasque.

Eyes: MAC Vanilla on the lid, MAC Quarry in the crease, MAC Smut in outer-V and lower along lashline with MAC Crystal Avalanche as highlight. I used MAC Smoulder on water/tight lines Brows were MAC Fling brow pencil.

Lips: MAC Lip Pencil in Redd and MAC Russian Red lipstick.

A closer look at the structured shoulder
and satin lapels of the tuxedo jacket.
I love how I always manage to be looking off-camera in these OOTD pictures! I wore a black Roland Joyce tuxedo jacket of my mam's that I had taken in to fit me. I actually have the entire tuxedo which includes amazing wide-legged trousers and a bustier top but, it was too dressy to wear out for a meal. I love menswear as womenswear! I paired the jacket with a slate grey tank top from Topshop, black Baxter skinny jeans also from Topshop and my Christian Louboutin Tinazatas (They got A LOT of wear this weekend!) I just pulled my hair back into a messy bun and poofed up the top, adding to the androgynous feel of the outfit.  

On Sunday we had a family lunch with my mam's family. A local restaurant catered the lunch and another local café did the cake which was amazing and I don't really go for deserts! Since it was an afternoon thing and just family, I kept my make-up quite light and simple and my outfit comfortable.

Face: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and MAC Melba Blush.

Eyes: MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, MAC Texture mixed with MAC Cork eyeshadows on the lid and MAC Smut in the crease. Joanna, the MUA who worked on me on Friday had this combination on herself and suggested that I try it for a very natural look. Texture mixed with Cork is really lovely and worth trying if you have the colours. I used MAC Fling brow pencil and MAC Teddy eye kohl.

Lips: Vaseline with a little bit of MAC Shy Girl over the top of it.

For the lunch I wore the same black skinny Topshop Baxter jeans and Louboutins as the night before (Told you they got a lot of wear!) and paired them with a cream sheer, Edwardian-style Dolce & Gabbana shirt with black cuffs and slit sleeves that I picked up for a really good price in a local boutique. It's really unique and plays into the whole menswear/womenswear style again and I really love it. 

All-in-all I had a brilliant birthday weekend and am sorry its over but extremely glad of the rest and sleep I can get now! So exhausted! Oh, here's a couple of pictures of me as a baby! 


S x


  1. That D&G blouse is gorgeous! I am officially jealous of your apparent skill to hunt out expensive things for decent prices. Haha

  2. Heehee thanks Sarah! It was a brilliant steal in fairness; €75 down from €275 and got a pair of D&G jeans in the same boutique with the same reduction! xx

  3. I absolutely love your sense of style. That D&G shirt is gorgeous and you look fab wearing it.

  4. You look gorgeous in the above pics - I really loved the look you got done in Mac as well - will def be noting down those colours for future reference!

  5. Thanks so much! yep the colour combo was brilliant! All of the other artists in MAC kept coming over to us and saying "Ooh what are you using, I never would have thought to put them together" I have the 4 in a little quad now and am constantly reaching for it! x


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