March 19, 2011

Birthday Part 1: A Trip to MAC, FOTD and OOTDs!

Birthday Cake #1: A Chocolate Rice Krispie Cake!
So, Day 1 of my 21st birthday weekend was yesterday which was my actual birthday! I had a lovely day with a browse around Brown Thomas with my mam, a makeover in MAC, a little bit of shopping in MAC, lunch with my nana, cocktails in the Westbury Hotel and dinner out in an amazing Thai/Vietnamese restaurant called Saba. If you're in Dublin and like Asian food, you have to try this restaurant  on Clarendon Street.

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all the birthday tweets and Follow Friday's that I got yesterday. Really meant so much to come home to them after a great day!

As many of you probably know, I LOVE getting my make-up done in MAC when there is a big event or occasion. I love walking in looking like, well, crap and walking out looking like you could be a celebrity! If you don't know how MAC makeovers work, you book a slot and pay €40 which is then redeemable against any product you buy on the day. So, if you buy product you effectively get your hour-long make-up session for free!

Naturally, I use any excuse I can to buy make-up so I picked up a few bits after my appointment! I needed a new powder/foundation so I got the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light. I also bought the lipstick she used in my look which was Shy Girl (Cremesheen) as well as two of the eyeshadows that she used which I didn't already have and a 4-pan palette to keep them in. The eyeshadows were Quarry and Vanilla.

Eyeshadows (L-R): Quarry and Vanilla.
4 Pan Palette.

Then, since I had an artist on hand, I got her to "fit" me for a good red lipstick for my colouring. She gave me Russian Red which, incidentally, was the one I had thought was best. I Back to MAC'd for it so, it was free!

Lipsticks (L-R): Shy Girl and Russian Red.
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.

Lipstick Swatches: Russian Red (Top) and Shy Girl (Bottom).
Eyeshadow Swatches: Quarry (Top) and Vanilla (Bottom).
My artist was called Joanna and she was absolutely incredible, the best I have ever had out of my 6 or 7 makeovers in there. I told her that I wanted my eyes to be dramatic but, nothing too insane. When she brought over the colours, I was a bit disappointed as they looked quite tame and bland but, I decided to trust her and I am so glad I did!

She clearly knew what she was up to because the focal point of the eye was the deepened crease and this AMAZING artistic liner which she spent a good 15 minutes on. The outer wing was perfect and then she created a cat-eye effect on my inner tear duct and also, unusually but effectively, brought the liner a quarter of the way in along my waterline from the inner and outer corners, leaving the center of my waterline bare.

The colours she used were Crystal Avalanche as a highlight, Quarry in and above the crease, Smut as the deepened crease colour (leaving Quarry peeking out above) and Vanilla all over the lid. She then finished the look off with fake lashes in #3 (These come out of your redeemable €40).

Eyeshadows (L-R): Crystal Avalanche, Vanilla, Quarry and Smut.
Skin-wise, she used Studio Tech foundation, Studio Careblend Pressed Powder, Style blush and Shell Cream Colour Base and the finished result was pretty flawless and airbrushed looking. She lined my lips with Chicory lip pencil (which I want to pick up at a later date) and filled them using Shy Girl.

I forgot to take some decent OOTDs so, these cropped offerings will have to do. During the day I wore thick black leggings, a long black tank top, an oversized grey structued blazer from Zara and leather over the knee boots from Topshop with a heel which you can only see the top of in the picture below. 

Going out last night, I wore a black lace dress with bat-wing sleeves with black opaque tight and my Christian Louboutin Tinazatas got their long-awaited airing! Most. Comfortable. Shoes. Ever! I will try and get some better OOTD pictures tonight and tomorrow! Oh, and I had OPI Lincoln Park After Dark on my nails!

Finally, how INSANE are these balloons my godmother got me! When I saw her trying to get them out of the back of her car I thought she had lost it! They light up and everything and are easily 6 foot tall! 


S x


  1. That makeover looks fantastic, it's so worth it!
    I'm going to get mine for my birthday in a few weeks too!
    I'm totally jealous of your Louboutin's btw.. wow!


  2. Thanks so much Leanne it really was very good! Hated washing it off last night haha!
    You defo should get it done for your bday, it's such a treat!
    Thanks, they're my babies haha and so comfy!!

  3. Happy belated birthday Sinead! Your makeup looked amazingggg, enjoy the rest of your birthday celebrations :)

  4. Thanks so much Karen! She did a brilliant job! x

  5. I got my make up done in MAC for my debs and the girl did a shitty job. I had to redo it all :( Glad your experience was so much better!!Happy 21st :) xox

  6. Oh no really that's awful! I've had my make-up done 6 or 7 times in there ms luckily have always been happy! X


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