March 08, 2011

5 of the Best Spring Nail Polishes

I decided to make these "5 of the Best..." posts a little series as I really enjoyed doing the last one on spring lipsticks. Keeping with the springtime theme (even though there is rumours of snow this weekend!), I'm going to show you my top picks for the best spring nail colours. As with the lipsticks, all of the colours are very bright and happy, in an attempt to dredge myself out of the dark and dreary colours I sported all winter long! 

I just want to apologise quickly for the fact that there is an OPI in here and two Chanel polishes. I know that OPI is hard to get in Ireland and they are both on the expensive side but, obviously these colours can be duped and are just a guide of some pretty colours for spring!

1. Chanel Orange Fizz featured in a recent NOTD post. It is an amazing bright, true orange colour that I brought my sister back from holidays last year as a gift. It really brightens up your look, even if it's just on your hands! It looks really pretty on toes too with some gold gladiator sandals (when it gets warmer of course!).

2. Also a recent NOTD, I LOVE this shade by NuBar called Lavender. It's a really opaque and creamy pale purple. I think it looks really fresh and simple and clean especially with short nails like mine. I really like the look of this with Orange Fizz now that I see them side-by-side!

3. Dee actually brought me this colour back from Paris as present and I really love it. It's OPI Pink Flamenco and it is so bright and fun. It's a true hot pink and I have not yet found one comparable to it.

4. GOSH Sweet Rose is a really unique colour. It is a kind of lilac-y baby pink that I have never seen before but, really like. I really like how this colour manages to be quite soft while still being bright and vibrant.

5. Finally, we have a controversial one! Chanel's Nouvelle Vague and I do not have a happy relationship. I bought it last summer during all the hype surrounding it and LOVED the Tiffany-box blue colour. However, it did not live at all up to my expectations, all of which I discussed in my Products I Regret Buying post. That being said, all of our "issues" do not take away from the fact that it is a stunning colour. It looks better on toes than fingers in my opinion and it just gets me so giddy and excited for summer and the beach that I couldn't not include it!


S x


  1. Orange Fizz looks lovely! Great post :)

  2. Yeah it's a great colour! Thanks! X

  3. I haven't had a problem with Nouvelle Vague, no separation, nada. Or maybe I just love the colour so much I can't complain. :|


  4. Ooh you're lucky! Was just talking to a girl on Twitter who had the same problems as me! It sucks because it really is such an amazing colour! x


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