February 04, 2011

TAG: Products I regret buying

There are always those few products that are surrounded by so much hype that you HAVE to have them and, when you get them, they are not quite what you expected/wanted/needed. I was shopping my stash earlier this week and came across a few products that I bought, used once or twice and cast aside in sheer disappointment and thought that I would blog about them to save you all the heartache and wasted money!

Before there was Feline Kohl Power, the big liner "must-have" from MAC
was their mechanical Technakohl Liner, specifically the one in Graphblack. YouTubers like JuicyStar07 ranted and raved about how amazing this liner was; it didn't need to be sharpened, it didn't smudge, it was super intense black. And, of course, muggins here went an bought it.

Well, what nobody deigned to mention was that, while it didn't need to be sharpened, it couldn't be sharpened and when the skinny and fragile pointed nib broke off-which it did, repeatedly, you were left with a flat-topped, sharp-edged liner that could not be used on the waterline as it tore the eyeballs off you. I probably used this product a grand total of three times and I have, oh, about 2cm of the liner left. Not impressed.

As I have mentioned many times in the course of this blog, I went on a serious Chanel nail polish binge last summer and bought every single hyped-about and coveted colour they released. I know, I know, what a sucker. While I love Paradoxal and Particuliére, I was beyond disappointed by Nouvelle Vague. The consistency is shockingly bad (It has since separated into a watery green and turquoise mess which no amount of shaking will clear) and it just does not apply evenly or without streaking. The colour is lovely for summer but, by God, it is not even worth the hassle of putting on as it chips within 24 hours and, at €21, that's just ridiculous. Reeaaally want Black Pearl though...!

I really should have known better about this one but, because Kim Kardashian endorsed it, I bought it. The Nivea Goodbye Cellulite cream does not remove, reduce or smooth your dimpled skin. I'm lucky in that I don't have that much orange peely-ness going on (lots of water and exercise is your only man-unfortunately!) but, this stuff didn't make a dent in what I do have. Thankfully it was under a tenner or I would have been mightily peed off!

Another MAC product has, annoyingly, made this list. The Studio Sculpt concealer is a MESS. It's thick and cakey and does not conceal blemishes so much as highlight the fact that it is blanketing the mountain that has erupted on your face. Everyone raved about this in conjunction with the Studio Sculpt foundation when it came out and, while I do really love the foundation, I can't stand behind the concealer one bit. I have had mine for over two years and there is barely a dent in in. Sad times.

What products do you regret buying?




  1. Most foundations I've owned, a Mac loose powder Barry M dazzle dusts- they are just too messy.

  2. Yes I agree about the loose eyeshadows...I was going to include MAC pigments in the list but didn't want to seem like I was giving them too hard of a time! x

  3. Great post. I agree about the concealers, I have a few of them in my kit and they sit there unused. Urban Decay all nighter is overrated as is Benefit Bad Gal is Blue, super dry, cakey and not really blue at all.

  4. Thanks for the comment! I agree totally about the Benefit Bad Gal Blue. I sometimes like putting blue mascara on my lower lashes and I didn't find that it showed up blue at all..thankfully it was just a sample and nothing I had paid for!!

  5. I love that MAC concealer, it leaves my eyes smooth and doesnt show any facial lines...

  6. I really should have known better about this one but, because Kim Kardashian endorsed it, I bought it.


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