February 08, 2011

Sinéad's Make-Up Collection and Storage

My all-time favourite blog posts and YouTube videos are of people's make-up collections and how they choose to store it. I think it must be the nosy parker in me coming out, wanting a  sneak peek into people's lives- even if it's just something as small as their make-up!

I always find that I am really inspired to re-organise my stuff and try new ways of storage so, I thought you guys might like to see mine! Once I have a bit of spare cash I will probably come up with a new system as this one is getting full and, once I do, I'll show you that too!


On top of the wooden drawers (which I got from a Dutch IKEA yonks ago) are miscellaneous bits and pieces that I use pretty regularly. There is my make-up brushes, perfume, moisturiser, hairspray, Bio Oil, some bigger bottles of nail polish like OPI and Nubar, Fix+, brush cleaner, QTips etc. Oh, and a couple of Yankee Candles as well!

I store my brushes in a mirrored, disco ball-esque bowl that I got on holidays in Lanzarote last year in a really cool shop called Natura. They had a matching, long skinny one which I have since regretted not buying as it would have been perfect for my lip pencils and eyeliners! Brushes are the one beauty item that I would say I "collect" and I probably have around 30...and, with the price of MAC brushes, I don't even want to think about how much they are worth!

The first row in the set of drawers consists of three small drawers. In these (L-R) I keep lip products, nail polish I am currently using a lot and miscellaneous items like tools for depotting, mixing dishes and fake eyelashes.

My lip drawer contains a lot of MAC lipsticks, Lipglasses, Plushglasses, Dazzleglasses, Lip Gelées and Superglasses. I also have a few MAC lip liners, some Model's Prefer lip stuff and also some YSL. I know it's hard to make everything out in this picture so, if you want to see anything in detail just leave a comment!

My nail polish drawer contains, as you can see, quite a bit of Chanel which is pretty disgraceful! There is also some Models Own, GOSH, Barry M, Nails Inc, Mavala and Rimmel! 

Next row down are two bigger drawers which I keep my face stuff in. The left drawer holds my foundations, tinted moisturiser, concealers, primers and powders and the right drawer is all my blushes, bronzers, MAC MSFs and highlighters with the exception of my two blush palettes which don't fit! 

The lower tier is one huge drawer which holds all of my eye stuff and the aforementioned blush palettes! 

On the left side of the drawer, once the Urban Decay Naked palette is removed, I keep loose eyeshadows like Benefit and Stila as well as MAC pigments. There are also a tonne of eyeliners; mostly MAC but also a set of mini Urban Decay 24/7 liners and ones by Stila, GOSH and Benefit. I keep my mascaras and primers with these just for ease of storage!

On the right side of the drawer I keep my three MAC eyeshadow palettes and the two MAC blush palettes as well as MAC Paint Pots, Fluidlines and some Bare Minerals eyeshadows.

Here's a closer look at the palettes!

Eyeshadows (L-R): Neutrals, Smokey and Metallics, Colourful

Blushes (L-R): Browns and Reds, Pinks and Peaches
Finally, to the left of my drawers I have a collapsible box from IKEA that I just store everyday essentials in like my hairbrush, dry shampoo, leave in conditioner, exfoliator etc. Nothing too exciting!

So, that's my make-up collection and how I store it! I try to keep it quite tidy just for ease of getting at stuff but, it does get messy pretty easily! I hoped this gave some of you some storage/organisation ideas or that you just enjoyed having a goo at what I've got! 


S x


  1. I love storage posts too! You have such a fab collection...and the glitterball brush storage is wicked! :)

  2. Aww thank you! Yeah I've been kicking myself that I didn't get the matching one for all my pencils and that! X

  3. Lovvvve the post :) I want something cute like that for my brushes too, right now they're in an I heart NY mug hehe

  4. Thanks Karen!! Pics are totally thanks to you haha! Aw haha yeah I love my Lil disco ball!

  5. I'm so loving the disco ball, I saw a gorgeous big cracked glass thing for my brushes but I didn't buy it. :( have a mental note of where I saw it though. I am also with you on the shameful amounts of Chanel nail polish... ooooops.

    Sarah x

  6. Ooh that sounds lovely you should defo pick that up if the place still has it! Oh I know isn't it disgraceful how many there are and at €21 each...Eek it doesn't even bear thinking about!

  7. I love the disco ball! Great post, I love to see other peoples organisation (even though I am very below average in the organisation department)!

  8. Thanks for the comment! Trust me, if I had swung the camera even an inch to the left you would have seen the explosion of clothes, papers and books which used to be my desk :)

  9. Fab collection and storage. Love the disco ball for your brushes x


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