February 24, 2011

Sinéad's February Favourites

Another month is coming to an end and, naturally, that means a whole host of new (and some old!) favourites to blog about. I actually acquired a few new things this month which had neither been planned nor expected so this is an exciting favourites post for me to do!

Hope you enjoy!

I recently hauled this Coconut Body Butter and Body Scrub (left and middle) and, even though they are so new, they are already firm staples in my post-shower routine. I won't bang on about them too much because I did so, at length, but suffice to say, I love the smell, the texture, the consistency and I can't wait to pick the huge tubs up once these have run out!

Now that it's getting to be a bit more Spring-y, I've started to break out the bronzer again and my all time favourite is MAC MSF in Cheeky Bronze. The name really says it all about this shade and there is gorgeous gold veining throughout that illumaties your entire face and just give you an all-round healthy glow.

For blush, I have been obsessed with i.e. only using, MAC Plum Foolery which I picked up in London after Christmas. This is a really unique blush colour; a kind of muted plum brown pink with really fine gold shimmer.  Again, it just gives a really natural healthy flush and glow which I have been loving!

I only blogged about these nail polishes last week but, I am so bowled over by them. For €2.99, they are absolutely amazing. There is such a wide variety of colours and finishes and I feel that they are kind of channeling OPI or China Glaze with such a vast collection. I have used all three colours in the time that I have had them and, with a topcoat, these are just as good as the aforementioned higher-end/impossible to get brands (and definitely better than Chanel!).

My perfume of choice this month has been Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I only have the teeny tiny bottle because it's so damn expensive but I LOVE it. It is the richest, most luxurious, nicest floral scented perfume I have ever come across. I feel really sophisticated and wealthy when I wear this perfume, as weird as that sounds!

Again, another newbie but a fast and firm favourite. When I bought these GOSH Soft 'n Shine lipbams, the lady in the pharmacy said "It's great that these are half-price at the moment because they are so amazing." I just smiled but she was totally right. They are definitely reminiscent of MAC Slimshines in that they are moisturising and glossy like a balm BUT they have the pigmentation and finish of lipstick which is really amazing. I have worn one of these everyday since I have gotten them (usually the tamer one in Aubergine!) and I can't wait to pick up another few before the sale ends especially the hot pink one called Barbie!!

I have been meaning to blog about my MAC brushroll for the longest time. I picked this up in Dublin Airport last summer for about €40 and it has literally been a lifesaver. I have invested a hell of a lot of money in my make-up brushes, more than I would care to calculate and I like to take care of them. This roll packs at least 30 brushes without any getting bent or damaged in transit. There is a zip pocket to the left which I keep my kabuki in and a travel spray bottle of brush cleaner and an open pouch to the right so there is plenty of room for all your tools!

This month, to round off my favourites, I decided to throw in a couple of miscellaneous faves; book, blog and song! I read a lot and always have done but, at the moment because I am up to my eyes with thesis work, I literally don't have the brainpower for heavy reads. Instead I have started and am loving the House of Night series. It is another vampire series but, it's a lot different and is so fanciful and easy to read that I can just pick it up before I go asleep and switch my mind off and wind down. Highly recommend!

Having started this blog with Dee, we have come across such a big blogging community that I, at least, didn't know existed. There are so many great blogs out there and I like recommending ones that I am currently enjoying. This month I have loved reading Simone's blog Simone Loves Makeup. She's an Irish make-up artist who has some really great stuff on her blog like her Face of the Week series and what's in her professional make-up kit. I strongly urge you to go check her out.

And, finally, my favourite song this month has been my favourite gym song and that is Rihanna's Man Down. It is seriously such a good song, as her whole album is!


S x

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