February 03, 2011

Review: Bare Minerals Eyeshadows and Liners

On a bit of a roll here! While I loved the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil I got to try out, I am a bit on the fence about the eye colours and liners. I have been playing around with them all week and, while there is no doubt that the colours, pigmentation, blendability and quality is superb, I am not sure that they are conducive to my kind of make-up.

Both the liners and shadows that I tried out were powdered products. All are extremely finely milled and there was a good mix of pearly, shimmery, glittery and matte shades. My first issue with these products is that you really have no choice but to foil them- using them dry made a holy mess all over my face, clothes and carpet. 

So, after I cleaned up and hoovered the floor I turned to my BFF Fix+ and, for the lid, brow and inner corner highlight, this worked beautifully. The colour foiled on the lid was really rich and pigmented and didn't loose its shimmer. However, when I tried the same technique in my crease, we were back to being messy messy again. There is no room to blend or move these shadows around the eye without a whole pile of fallout on your cheeks. If you've seen any of my previous eye looks, you'll know I love to build colours and create really soft, blended edges and this just isn't an option with this type of shadow.

As you can see in the open eye picture, the look is...well it's fine. The bronze/brown (Creep) looks nicely smoked out around the edges and under the eye. However, if you look at the closed eye pic below, you'll see that it looks messy, unblended and has started to crease within literally 5 minutes despite using a base (MAC Bare Study paint pot). The lid colour (Cultured Pearl) was absolutely gorgeous until trying to apply and blend the crease colour resulted in major fallout, making the lid look scruffy. I think that these shadows might be best for people who are happy just to apply one colour to the eye and leave it at that or else be used, as in my case, for packing colour onto the lid and the using other products for the crease and outer V (which I did not even attempt with these after the crease-fallout debacle!).

However, I would like to end this review on a positive note and, that is to say that, despite my skepticism at them being powdered, the liners are amazing. As you can see above, foiling the liner (Retro) makes the most gorgeous smudgey and simple smokey lashline. I imagine that these would be gorgeous on days where you just wear a bare lid and then smudge this over the lashline for kind of a lived-in, sexy smokey eye!



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