February 01, 2011

Jewel-Toned Nail Polishes

Recently, I've been buying loads of nail polishes.

If you know me, this will hardly come as a shock. I can't stop buying nail polishes. My collection is beginning to frighten those who don't understand! However, if you are reading this I will presume you are sympathetic to my addiction.

So I thought I would pick out four to show you and it wasn't until I started taking the pictures that I realised there was a major jewel-toned theme going on. I love these kind of shades and there are loads of them around right now.

Beginning from the left, the first polish was a major bargain at €1.50 from Penneys. The shade caught my eye as it is like a much darker, wine-y version of OPI's I'm Not Really A Waitress. It applies really well for such a cheap polish. I change my polish so often that I can't vouch for the lasting power of this stuff but I think that the longevity of most polishes can be improved with a decent top coat - my current favourite is Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

I usually steer clear of most No7 products as I find them quite boring. I picked this polish up with a €7.50 Boots voucher and I actually really like the colour! It's a really loud purple that mightn't be for everyone but I love mental colours like this one. The swatch is messy and doesn't really do it justice - apologies for that!

I am obsessed with the next shade - the colour, glitter and name are all right up my street. Blue Monday is a new one from GOSH and I'm really impressed with it, the formulation is great and the colour is gorgeous - a deep, dark blue with loads of really fine sparkles! The flash isn't doing much for this shade - it looks way darker in daylight.

The last polish is the latest addition to my collection of OPIs. I got quite obsessed with these over the summer when I was working dangerously near a chemist that sells OPI, which can be quite hard to track down in Ireland (FYI the chemist I'm talking about is Trinity Pharmacy on Westland Row, Dublin 2). OPI Ink is a gorgeous dark purple with some very fine lighter purple reflects. So pretty!



  1. I like them all but what stands out to me the most is the color on your pointy finger! :)

  2. My favorites is the first one from Pennys and the last one from OPI!

    check out my blog :)


  3. I need/am jealous of OPI Ink!

  4. i have the No7 polish i got mine the same way its really nice on but i wouldnt buy it at the original price though :)

  5. Yeah I agree, not worth it! Not a fan of the bottle either!


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