February 05, 2011

Dramatic Eye Look

This eye look started out as a mistake which I ended up turning into something quite dramatic. I almost wasn't going to put it up because I don't think it necessarily appeals to everyone but then I thought that since I had, surprisingly, ended up loving it on myself, some of you might too!
As you can see in the above pic, its an extremely sharp and defined shape. It comes across almost as a shadow in that picture due to the flash but the outer V shape is a really intense black which fades across the lid as you will see below.

I was setting my gel liner with some matte black shadow and ended up making a balls of it. I wasn't going anywhere, just waiting for my boyfriend to come over, so I decided to see if I could make the best out of a bad situation. I took my MAC 214 which is a short, stumpy brush and drew a really precise line with the black shadow (MAC Carbon) from the outer corner of my eye to about half way to the end of my brow. I then turned the brush and created a kind of arch shape from this point to my inner corner. 

I filled this shape in with what was left on the brush but, decided that I wanted it more intense in the sharply angled outer V and so took Urban Decay's Creep from the Naked palette and packed a bit of this on and then, as it is such a soft shadow, took my finger and smudged it across the rest of the shape, staying inside the lines I had drawn. It ended up giving a lovely faded effect which was a little bit grungy and a little bit lived in but, that I really liked. 

I blended the upper edges slightly so that there wouldn't be such a harsh line there and then used a QTip to clean up and further sharpen that lower line. I dragged whatever of the Creep that was left on my brush along the lower lashline and lined my eyes with MAC Smoulder and used Opulash mascara. My brow highlight was MAC Brule mixed with a little of MAC Dazzlelight (which I also used on the inner corner!). 

The end result is kinda geometric and smudgey which I really, really like to my own surprise! Anyways, take from it what you will- it's a simple, quick and interesting smokey eye that I'm sure could be achieved with colours other than black!




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