February 02, 2011

Benefit Bella Bamba: A Review

I wasn't going to post on this as I've already read a few different posts about Bella Bamba over the last couple of weeks, but I decided it is still worth raving about. So if you find this post a little repetitive, I'm sorry!

Bella Bamba is one of the most gorgeous pink blushes I've ever used. It is a truly girly shade of shimmery, deep pink with a hint of coral. I have Coralista too and I can verify that they are not that similar at all. 

The packaging is right up my street - ridiculously shiny and colourful! I love the detail on the inside as well:

I've been using this for nearly a week now and I have to say I think it was worth the money - minus the ridiculous mark-up, but more on that later. It was definitely an impulse buy at €33.50 but as many people have pointed out online, this is fairly justified on a cost-per-wear basis. I remember having Dandelion years ago and I think it lasted me about three years! Having said that, they have reduced the amount of product in the pan. The packaging has improved with the addition of a flip-top lid and a mirror. I also think the little brush they give you with it has marginally improved as the edges are curved, but I would still only use it in an emergency situation!

The blush itself is so gorgeous. It even smells nice - like sweets! You only need a tiny bit as it is quite pigmented and I think it would suit amost anyone. The shimmer looks a lot more subtle on the face which I was pleased with as I am not a fan of huge chunks of glitter.

My main gripe has to be the mark-up in price between here and the UK. I am so sick of companies presuming that it is acceptable to this - but in a way I guess they think it is as people like me will still purchase in department stores. The only reason I did was because I don't have a credit card and couldn't find Bella Bamba on ASOS (which takes Laser). I paid €33.50 for this whereas in the UK it is priced at £23.50. Therefore a fair price would have been €27.50.

Is a mark-up of €6 really necessary in order for one of the world's most popular cosmetics lines to make money? I sincerely doubt it. In fact, after some quick Googling I discovered that Benefit is owned by LVMH, which is described as 'the world's largest luxury goods conglomerate'. I'm pretty sure that they would not suffer greatly from reducing this mark-up, which I can only describe as greedy. As I have already mentioned, it can be hard to avoid this kind of ridiculous pricing if you don't have a credit card, but I would urge anyone who does to shop online for Benefit in the future.


  1. That's the folks who own Louis Vuitton, Moet and Chandon etc... They certainly don't need the money! I can't get over the mark up, it makes me angry even though it doesn't affect me! Bella Bamba is very lovely though.

    Sarah x

  2. I really want to buy it, but I think I'll order it off Asos.. it will turn out cheaper!
    The mark up off the price is ridiculous, it is completely illogical!

  3. I might pick it up next time I'm in Newry,all those few euros adds up in the long run. I hate mark ups and debenhams and marks and spencers and dorothy perkins are top 3 on the hit list heh hate shopping in them in dublin

  4. The colour looks lovely. This is goin on my wishlist along with the rest of Benefits blushers :-( they are very expensive and something I cant afford at the moment. Would love to know if there is any dupes for the benefit blushers!


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