January 10, 2011

Shopping My Stash!

So it's January and we're all broke. I'm trying to avoid buying too many cosmetics at the moment especially because I am in dire need of some new clothes! So I thought I'd show you two products that I've had for a while but have been loving this week.

First up, the lipstick. You may have already gathered that I have a serious lipstick problem. This is the only Topshop lipstick I own and I love it. The matte finish is less trying than MAC matte lipsticks, albeit not as long lasting. The shade I have is Rio Rio, an in-your-face orangey red. I was suprised that this actually suited my colouring especially when paired with a soft grey smokey eye. I love bold colours like this, especially during the most dismal month of the year :)

I've also been using this 'Beat the Blues' highlighter from Me Me Me pretty much every day. I dab it along my temples and the top of my cheekbones and the resulting glow is also lovely for beating the January blues. The Me Me Me range is from Superdrug and seems to copy a lot of the most popular Benefit products. This particular product is a great dupe for High Beam, and at about €7 rather than €26, I know which one I'd rather purchase! You still get plenty of product and decent packaging. I'm absolutely dying to get my hands on more stuff from this much for no shopping!

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