January 13, 2011

Review: Nails Inc A+E Advanced Treatment

As you can probably tell, we are a bit nail-crazy here at Viva Adonis! Seems like every second post is a Nail of the Day or a haul containing nail varnish. However, I, unlike my lucky co-editor Dee, have crappy nails. They are really weak and split and peel like no tomorrow. I have literally tried everything going; OPI Nail Envy, Nail Tek stuff, Pro Strong Nail Accelerator. I even went through a phase of eating raw (uncooked?) jelly because someone told me that's how their nails were so nice.

Anyways, to cut a long saga short, my boyfriend's mam very nicely gave me a bottle of Nails Inc A+E Advanced Treatment sometime last week and I have been using it ever since. I'm actually quite impressed even though I am becoming skeptical in my old age about nail hardeners/strengtheners. The whites of my nails are definitely longer and I haven't had any breaks in the time I have been using it.

As directed on their website , I have applied one layer a day and removed it at the end of the week. It can also be used as a base coat which I tried today but my GOSH Holographic hated it so it was quickly removed. I will probably keep using it for the full "prescribed" four weeks and see how my nails are holding up.

Oh, and I was a bad blogger and forgot to take a before picture so you will just have to trust me that the whites of my nails were pretty much non-existent before using this!



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