January 19, 2011

Dee's Hair Routine

I have no camera at the moment because my daddy is off to Boston tomorrow and apparently needs it more that I do! So in lieu of a post that requires a lot of photography I thought I would self-indulge and talk about me, myself and my hair.

My mane and I have had a rather tumultuous relationship for quite a few years now. I have a lot of really thick, long hair, which has a naturally wavy to frizzy texture. Here's a ridiculous webcam photo to give you an idea of what my (tamed) hair looks like:

During the week I prefer to leave my hair wavy or curly. I've detoxed majorly from using heat over the last few months and it has done wonders for the health of my hair. I tend to wash it at night and leave it to dry naturally with the aid of a few products.

A special mention has to go to my HOLY GRAIL hair product, John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum. This stuff is the best serum I've ever used and it's only about €7. I rub a pump or two of this between my palms and distribute it evenly throughout my hair. This is enough to improve the texture of my hair and ensure that it dries nicely. I usually follow this up with my favourite leave-in conditioner, which I mentioned in another post.

If I want to emphasise the natural curl of my hair, I use my favourite mousse, L'Oréal Studio Silk & Gloss. I usually get this in Tesco but I'm fairly sure it is available in Boots as well for no more than €7. A bottle of this also lasts a really long time - I think the last time I bought this was in September! This is a really lightweight mousse that adds shine without being sticky. I spread this throughout my hair while it is still damp, and then twist the sections into curls so it dries nicely.

When I do use heat on my hair, whether it is with a GHD, hairdryer or curler, I ALWAYS use a heat protectant. There are a million affordable ones available in Boots and Tesco - at the moment I am using a lovely VO5 one which is extremely lightweight and smells lovely. The Tresemmé ones are virtually identical to this product and they are all about €5. 

To finish my style, I always use hairspray. I am addicted to the stuff as it protects my hair from frizzing up in the heat and also prevents it from looking too terrible if it rains. My favourite hairspray is a fairly obvious choice - L'Oreal Elnett. The Cheryl Cole packaging in particular makes me happy! Gimmicks aside, this is a great spray that brushes out easily. I've also tried the Umberto Giannini one which I loved and the James Brown one is also gorgeous and smells really pretty. 

Recently Unberto Giannini products have really come to my attention. There has been a lot of fuss over the Backcomb in a Bottle, which I really like. Although my hair is naturally 'big', it can be hard to inject volume back into the roots post-styling, and thats where this product comes in. I like using it to 'backcomb' sections of my hair to add volume and a bit of texture when it has been straightened. 

Finally I've also been using Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Tousled Salt Spray on my second-day hair and I quite like it. It can leave quite a lot of build-up so you have to be careful not to use too much but overall I love the effect and would definitely recommend it. 

I hope this has been helpful - of course my hair is only one type and hairstyles are very objective!

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