January 12, 2011

3-Minute Night Time Eye

Basically, this eye look came about one night when I forgot I was supposed to be going out for dinner at had literally 15 minutes to get ready. I usually love to faff about with my eye make-up as I really enjoy doing it but, obviously I didn't have time this particular night. And so, the 3-Minute Night Time Eye was born! It can be done with any mix of colours just using the same technique.

Apologies that the pictures aren't great, I have yet to master taking photos of my eyes but I hope you get the gist! Basically, I put down MAC Painterly Paint Pot as a base, put MAC Ricepaper all over the lid and then, using any tapered eye brush (I used the MAC 226) I started building MAC Sketch in the outer corner and into the crease. It's darkest towards the outer edge and then fades into the inner corner highlight which, in this case, was MAC Mylar (also used for brow bone highlight).  I also brought Sketch along the lower lashline and then blended it with my fingertip.

This fading technique pretty much gives you an instant or, well, 3-minute, smokey eye. I would wear this out during the day as well but it is ideal for night time. I wouldn't worry about it being a bit messy if you're rushed as it just adds to the effect. You could apply a liner to the upper lash line but, that is usually where I make mistakes so I left it off this time!


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