December 14, 2010

My Favourite YouTubers

The YouTube "world" has literally exploded in the last number of years with people making their career based solely on the concept of recording and uploading videos. The Beauty Community has grown since I started watching it back in the day when Elle and Blair were a few of the only "gurus" (and I use that term with disdain) to be found. If you don't know who I'm talking about, don't worry because you aren't missing much! Anyways, I just thought I would let you into my favourite "gurus" to watch and also throw in one or two miscellaneous YouTubers!

lollipop26 AKA Laura
This British beauty girl is one of my favourites. She really knows her stuff and doesn't buy into all the hype and drama that has washed over the Community in recent months. Sadly, she is taking a wee break from making videos and blogging but all of her videos are still up and her blog is well worth a read if you're obsessed with beauty and fashion! Hope you come back soon Laura!

Pixwoo AKA Sam and Nic
Two sisters who are professional make-up artists and it really shows. They are seriously, seriously talented and put together the most gorgeous, achievable looks in their videos. Their website is really handy and full of lots of fun and interesting stuff. 

panacea81 AKA Lauren Luke
This girl really epitomises what the YouTube Beauty Community should be about. She is a self-taught make-up artist who has shot to fame as one of the most viewed "gurus" on YouTube. She has her own make-up line coming out, slots on various morning shows and websites and still maintains her YouTube channel. She's extremely, extremely talented. 

WhatStyleIsToNickel AKA Richie Nickel
After seeing Richie's videos, you wonder why more boys don't wear make-up. He's just amazing amazing amazing! I don't even think that it's his job, just a hobby! He also has a website which is pretty cool.

I'm going to leave the beauty people for now just in case Dee wants to do this and I've left none for her to talk about! I will however pass on two of my favourite non-beauty people; WHATTHEBUCKSHOW and the SHAYTARDS.

This is the best celebrity gossip channel on YouTube. Michael Buckley is genuinely hilarious and he was one of the first people to make YouTube his full-time job. He writes, films, greenscreens and edits all his own stuff and updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

SHAYTARDS AKA Shay Carl and family
This is literally the first family of YouTube. Shay Carl decided to make a daily vlog each day for his 30th year and has continued them on to almost 2 years now. They are hilarious and sweet and the kids are adorable. It's crazy how interesting it is to watch just a family go about their daily business!

Hope I've introduced you to some new people!



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