December 15, 2010

Brand Overview: Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory do a line of really fun and affordable products that have captured a lot of my attention of late. The packaging is a joy - it's so pink and kitsch and never fails to escape my notice.

They do a wide range of products ranging from hair care to cosmetics that all have the same sweet scent. I've tried a good few so far and have been impressed overall! Read on for detailed reviews...

First up is the Flake Away Mini Spa Body Polish. I liked this a lot more that I thought I would - it is actually one of the most effective body scrubs I've ever used and genuinely does polish your skin. It smells really sweet and the texture is very coarse and sugary. Overall it worked really well for me, especially in preparation for fake tan. However I would steer clear of this if your skin is very sensitive or if you have an aversion to heavily scented products! The same goes for the rest of the range.

The next product I tried was The Righteous Butter, a rich body butter with ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter. It doesn't smell quite as natural or organic as the ingredients would lead you to believe it is, but I still enjoyed using it. It left my skin nice and smooth with a sweet scent but didn't noticeably improve or soften it. Definitely not a holy grail product, but nice to use all the same.

Next on the agenda was Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel. This was a nice product with the signature S&G scent which lingered on the skin afterwards. It was definitely creamy but I can't vouch for how 'clarifying' it was. It did the job as a decent creamy shower gel but I wouldn't be in a rush to repurchase this, as I usually prefer a more gentle shower gel.

A product that I have a lot more love for is Hand Food. Described as 'a silky soft non-greasy hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow', it actually lived up to these claims, although I'm not certain about the marshmallow! It smells gorgeous and doesn't leave your hands slippy or greasy. I bought the small sized version of this and will definitely be purchasing the larger one once I run out.

I have mixed feelings about the next product, but I do like the name! Arch de Triumph is double ended pencil with one end for filling in brows and the other end for highlighting. The brown end didn't do much for me ; I found it too waxy and not dark enough for my eyebrows. The thickness of the pencil itself was also a problem as I had to keep sharpening it. However I really liked the highlighting end, which was an almost exact dupe for Benefit's Eye Bright pencil!

My absolute favourite S&G product so far has been the Mist You Madly Body Spray. It smells fabulous and the scent isn't as weak as you would expect from a body spray. I love this because you can throw it into your bag when you're going out and use it for freshening up rather than taking an expensive perfume out on the go with you!

So overall, I can say that I really like Soap and Glory products. They're decent quality for the price, and another great thing about this range is that you can purchase a lot of their products in a mini size which is even cheaper and great if you're not sure whether you want to invest in the full product. The fragrance may not be for everyone but I like it personally.

I don't think their cosmetics are as good as their bath and body range (I've read negative reviews about their bronzer, for instance) and the hand cream and body spray are my top products so far. Next on my list is their Eau de Toilette which smells fabulous and is only around the €20 mark!



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