November 24, 2014

A Blue Sunday

Who doesn't love a bit of The Doors?!

I was literally singing Blue Sunday all day yesterday so, I felt it was appropos to pay homage with this post - my first real stab at an outfit/style post. Go easy on me!

The occasion? An early Sunday lunch to celebrate my grandaunt's 80th birthday.

Palettes of Note

2014 has really been the year of the eyeshadow palette for me. So many good ones have come into my life and, with Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to round-up my favourites in case you were in need of gift ideas. All are currently available, contain a mix of neutrals and I've included a mix of high-end and drugstore, pre-made and DIY so, hopefully there will be something for everyone here.

November 23, 2014

The Sunday Link-Up

Missed out on anything on the blog this week? Worry not, we have the link-up so, you don't even have to go searching!

Homemade Chorizo Oil

I'm a big fan of chorizo and, because I eat a high-fat low-carb diet, it fits in perfectly. Olive oil is also a great way to help me meet the daily fat quotas but, unfortunately, I don't really like the taste of it.

One day I had a wee brainwave. Considering chorizo leeches so much amazing, spicy oil when it's cooked, why not cook it in olive oil to make my own flavoured version. I did a trial run with some left over chorizo and a small bottle of generic brand oil and, 25 minutes later, I was left with a lightly flavoured, shocking amber coloured liquid.

November 22, 2014

WIN - Roger & Gallet Goodies worth €100!

Roger & Gallet is one of those brands that deserves so much more attention than it gets. Their Bois d'Orange hand cream was the first beauty product I kept on my desk in work over three years ago and the Fleur de Figuier scent reminds me so much of my trip to Prague last winter. Today, we are hooking one of you up with the Fleur de Figuier line which is the perfect scent to transition you from autumn to winter. The prize will include;

Fleur de Figuier Nourishing Oil
Fleur de Figuier Shower Gel
Fleur de Figuier Body Lotion
Fleur de Figuier Fragrance 100ml
Bois d’Orange Liquid Soap

As always, enter after the jump!

Christmas Gift Guide ¦ Luxury Beauty

It's no secret that we're both more than a bit Christmas-mad and when brainstorming our gift guides for this year, we were sure of three things; we wanted them to look nice, be as unique as possible, and also be as useful as possible for you guys. So, here we have it: this is the first in a series of shoppable posts, and what better place to start than with our ultimate favourite, luxury beauty! To make things easy, you can just click each product in the image below and shop our curated picks; a mix of old favourites, new loves and what we're coveting this festive season.

November 21, 2014

For the Love of Highlighters

God. You really can't beat a good highlight, can you?

This post was spurred on by the realisation that I had basically been using the same highlighter every day since August and the knowledge that there were probably a handful more in the back of my drawer that I had forgotten all about. So, I dug them out. Some were shite and found their way to the bin but, there are some gems in this lot here and I've been circulating through them, loving how a quick sweep across the cheekbones brings winter skin alive.

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