Skincare Favourites: Throwback Edition

August 28, 2014

I'm on a bit of a skincare high at the moment, and it's not all induced by shiny new releases. Although I do have a few new skincare favourites (such as the excellent spot treatment I blogged about yesterday), I've also worked a few long-running favourites into my current routine.  Let the throwback commence! 

8 Favourites Under €80

August 27, 2014

Last month I did a post dedicated to my favourite budget buys. I picked 15 standout products under €15 and divulged why I loved them. A lot of you seemed to like that post and agreed I should do a luxury version so, here we are! I toyed with doing 15 under €50 or 10 under €100 but, all things considered, 8 products under €80 seemed more realistic given the higher price point.

A Perfect Nude Lip Pairing

August 26, 2014

One aspect of make-up that I never expected to be writing about with fervent passion on this blog was a nude lip. It's never really been my thing; of course I tried circa 2010 with GOSH Darling but it never suited me; tinted lip balms in hues of red and pink have, for the most part, been my version of a nude. My lips are quite pigmented and it just suited me to play up my natural lip colour by accentuating the red tones.

Travel Skincare Edit

August 25, 2014

Some of my favourite blog posts to read are those travel essentials ones where you really get to see what people rate and can't live without when they go away. I have done a make-up essentials one every summer for the past few years and they are so handy to look back on when I'm packing again, mainly to jog my memory of what I brought and what I didn't need. I'll be doing another of those next week but, I thought I would also add a little snapshot of what skincare I am bringing into the mix this year as I'm having a total love-in with lotions and potions at the moment!

Aesop Control Gel

August 20, 2014

Spot cream isn't the most exciting of topics, its it? This one has me a bit hot under the collar though - there's nothing better than when you find something that just works. I'd never had much luck in the past with targeted spot treatments - I found La Roche Posay's Effaclar A.I. to be just okay but it did nothing to shift the bigger, ahem, residents on my face.