Current Skincare Routine (PM)

October 31, 2014

A few weeks ago I shared my morning skincare routine and promised I would update you on what I'm using come evening time. At the time I had only just added some new products in so, I didn't feel ready to give opinions on the products but, now my skin has had time to adjust and, thankfully, has responded really well to the new evening regime. French Pharma Sale - Our Picks

October 30, 2014

Even new readers to the blog will be aware of how much Dee and I love and rate French skincare brands. There is something so basic, so simple, so conscientious, so unfussy about the way in which the French approach skincare that really appeals to us and, better yet, the vast majority of brands are mid-price and widely available. Well, at least in France!

Happily though, stocks a lot of hard to find brands and products (Hello, Bioderma, anyone?!) and we take frequent advantage of their French pharma brand events when they happen. Now, I was doing some Christmas shopping online last night and ordered...some old favourites for someone, let's just say in case they read this - and saw that the current Escentual French Pharma (up to 30% off) sale was coming to an end on Friday so, we put our heads together and came up with six of our top picks from the sale in case you want to stock up, try out or, as I was doing, prep for Christmas with a decent discount!

5 Must-Watch Halloween Tutorials

October 29, 2014

I'm not into Halloween at all but, I love watching Halloween tutorials on YouTube. The skills some of these women have are just incredible and, while it isn't my thing, I can appreciate the talent and precision that goes into them - especially as I struggle with even the most basic winged liner! So, if you're stuck for ideas for Friday night or just want to be awestruck, watch these five masters at work and prepare to be amazed!

A Restock

October 28, 2014

There are certain products that I feel I never shut up about - both here on the blog and in real life. They're products I turn to again and again and I feel that an emphasis on these - what I use and love all the time - deserve a big place on the blog, along with new releases and so on. I've been stocking up on some favourites recently so, take a look at some of my absolute must-haves!

15 Before 2015

October 27, 2014

Remember Project 10 Pan back in the day? For the uninitiated (or younger than I!), Project 10 Pan was an early YouTube incarnation where "gurus" (ugh) aimed to use up or "hit pan" on 10 products as a means of clearing out their collection. I've decided to resurrect this idea and aim to use up 15 beauty products before 2015 and, in the interest of transparency, I basically want to just clear space in order to buy more shit. To make this goal somewhat realistic, I've allowed myself to include skincare, haircare and bodycare as well as make-up. Here's what I'm hoping to purge pre-2015.